Models And Photographers—Tips For Preparing For a Photo Shoot

Posted June 7, 2021 by in Career

Any photoshoot is a payment for the photographer’s services and renting a studio. The perfect photoshoot is all about careful preparation and a little bit of luck. There are lots of articles on the Internet on choosing ideas and even poses for photoshoots. But they are all about clichés.

The search for ideas isn’t limited to just ten options, as is the choice of poses. We want to share with you some practical tips that will help you get a perfect result from your photoshoot—regardless if you’re the model or the photographer:

Tips for Models


The first thing you need is to decide what you want. Start with a general idea, then think about the details: clothing, decor, makeup, hair (if needed). The easiest way to create a visual is to use inspirational ideas and examples, for instance, from Pinterest.


After you have decided on an idea and selected a photographer, you need to clarify some details:

  • Check the deadlines and the number of finished photos.
  • If you want to view the sources and choose what you like, agree in advance.
  • Discuss whether you need photo retouching (face and body, or skin retouching). You can specify which photo editing software is being used as well.

In addition to skin retouching, there is also color correction and other details of photo retouching itself (changing the background, removing unnecessary objects, correcting brightness and contrast, adding filters, etc.). Be sure to check out the examples of the photographer’s work.

Discuss the example you chose and what you want in terms of photo retouching so that the photographer can focus on the given parameters.


The selection of place depends principally on the concept of ​​the photoshoot. On the basis of this, the wanted background or interior is decided. In this regard, you can fully trust the cameraman. If you have time, visit the place before shooting. Perhaps in real life, you won’t like something.

If shooting outdoors is planned, the weather may interfere. Consider a plan B and discuss it with the photographer. This will help you avoid additional photo retouching (changing the background, removing unnecessary objects, etc.).


Be sure to practice in front of the mirror. For this, it’s worth looking through photos in magazines and on the Internet. The photographer can help you with this as well and show you a lot of various poses. 


To the best of your ability, try to arrive to the shoot in a good mood. Make sure you have eaten, have some coffee, and leave anything bothering you at the door for the sake of the shoot.

If you have a grumpy face for the entire shoot, neither a great photographer, nor expensive photo editing software, nor photo retouching itself will help you. Even if you don’t have a grumpy face, your negative energy will radiate out of the photo.


Take light snacks with you if the shoot is going to be long. It’s much more difficult to pose with a full stomach, unless, certainly, this is the theme of the shoot itself. 🙂


Extra details that will vary your image, such as sunshades, toys, torches, flowers, etc. should be delivered beforehand. Numerous studios submit their property for photoshoots. Some specific companies provide this type of accessory as well. The choice is yours and depends on your creativity. Otherwise, you always have the option of removing unnecessary objects during the photo-retouching process.

Be Yourself

It often happens that you can relax only towards the end of shooting time. Be yourself, inspire, and be inspired.

Tips for Photographers

Get to Know Your Clients

This usually begins with a message on a social media network and defining the general concept of a photoshoot. It’s necessary to clarify the following points:

  • Are the models familiar with the main conditions of your cooperation with them: terms, permission to publish, the selected package of services, etc?
  • You should determine the number of participants. If shooting is going to be with children, then specify their age, daily routine (applies to babies), and temperament peculiarities.

Discuss the Idea

Specify what kind of photos clients would like to get so that expectations and reality coincide as much as possible. Ask them to show their favorite works from your portfolio.

Define whether photo retouching is needed and what the person understands by it (skin retouching, changing the background, removing unnecessary objects, correcting brightness and contrast, adding filters, etc.). Based on the preferences, start discussing the image and directly preparing for the shooting.

Examine the Camera in Detail

If you are a photographer with little experience, then be sure to use your camera at an intuitive level. Don’t waste paid studio time, yours, and the client’s time switching modes. When you don’t have to think about which buttons to press and what technical decisions to make, you can approach photography from a creative side.

Good Photo Editing Software

Is part of your success. After you have shot the material, you need to edit it. Many seasoned photographers have already chosen a favorite app. If you are in search, we recommend using BeFunky or Movavi. The user-friendly interface of these photo editing software will make your photo-retouching process easier. You can also use Fotor to find templates and design ideas.

Photographers Work with People

Clients vary, so you need to be patient and stay in good mood. A lot depends on you (the shooting process and the models themselves, the quality of the photos). Feel confident and let the model trust you. Remember that any photoshoot, even not very successful, is your experience. Always try to learn a lesson.

It’s crucial to prepare for a photoshoot. The more thoroughly you prepare, the better the result will be. There is a chance that letting the preparation take its course, everything will go well, but it’s not worth hoping for it. Always get ready.

The future of your photography is in your hands. You can additionally learn and get inspired at Digital Photography School. Good luck!