Modern Home 101: How to Hide Your Plugs & Sockets Out of Sight

Posted October 22, 2022 by in Home

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to enjoy a movie or a show, and the incessant blinking of a plug in the background is ruining your experience. It’s time to hide those plugs and sockets out of sight! In this blog post, we will discuss some easy ways to do just that. Whether you want to use furniture to conceal them or clever DIY solutions, we have you covered. Keep reading for tips on how to make your home look modern and sleek!

Hands holding cord in front of electric socket in kitchen

1. Sleek sockets

Most people don’t think about their sockets when they’re designing their homes. But if you have unsightly or outdated sockets, it can bring down the look of your space. Luckily, there are now sleek and modern sockets available that will blend in with your décor. You can find these at most hardware stores or online. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you’re sure to find one that matches your style. As Sleek Socket pros note, this is an easy and affordable way to upgrade the look of your home. If you want to take it a step further, you can even get a custom plate made for your outlets. This way, they’ll be completely hidden when not in use.

2. Furniture covers

If you don’t want to replace your existing outlets, another option is to use furniture to cover them up. This is a great solution if you have big pieces of furniture like armoires or media consoles. Simply place the piece of furniture flush against the wall and voila! Your outlets will be hidden from view. If you’re worried about not being able to access them when needed, you can always get creative with cord management. Use zip ties or Velcro strips to keep cords tidy and out of the way. You can also buy special cord covers that blend in with your flooring. These are available at most home improvement stores and online.

3. Recessed outlets

If you’re doing a complete renovation of your home, you might want to consider recessed outlets. This involves cutting a hole in the drywall and installing an outlet box that sits flush with the surface of the wall. You can then cover it with a plate that matches your other outlet covers. This is a bit more of an involved project, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a truly seamless look. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid furniture placement issues down the road.

4. Clever DIY solutions

If you’re handy with a drill and saw, there are plenty of DIY solutions for hiding plugs and sockets. One popular option is to build a false wall in front of the outlets. This is a great way to create a feature wall and conceal outlets at the same time. You can use any type of material you want, but plywood or MDF are both good choices. Just make sure the false wall is properly secured so it doesn’t come crashing down! Another option is to build a box around the outlet. This can be made from wood or even PVC pipe. Just make sure to leave enough space around the outlet for plugs and cords.

Phone plugged in next to bed

As we saw, there are many ways to hide plugs and sockets. So next time you’re watching TV or entertaining guests, you can relax knowing that unsightly outlets won’t ruin your décor. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your project today!