Modern Makeover: Ideas to Make Your Living Room Look 10 Years Younger

Posted March 3, 2021 by in Decor

As a homeowner, you will be interested in learning more about how you can make your living room ten years younger. The best part of giving your living room a facelift is that the entire process is not as hectic as you may think.

Below are ways through which you can make sure your living room looks younger:

1. The Main Focus Should be on the Front Door

The front door determines the first impression when a person visits your home, so you should ensure it has an appealing appearance. If the door is old and tarnished, it should be well repaired first.

In some instances, you may also be forced to replace the door. You will then clean off any dirt that may be present on the door.

2. Ensure the Exterior Paint Has Been Touched Up

As you grow older, you gain more experience in different matters. However, when it comes to exterior paint, you should seek a professional painter’s services and advice. You can get a construction estimate in such instances. As you work on ensuring the exterior part of your house looks good, you should be on the lookout for peeling or flaking paint.

The main advantage of a touch-up is that you only need the original paint colors, and a professional painter can help ensure that the exterior looks as good as new.

3. Install Smart Lighting

Look for lighting that is to be hung on the wall, which means you can save on the living room floor space. Swing-arm sconces come in handy as you work on freeing up some space. They are also suitable for small living rooms.

4. Try Out Club Chairs Instead of a Sofa

If your living room cannot accommodate a sofa and a club chair, you can opt for an armchair and forego the sofa. Designer club chairs come in handy in such instances. If you have a fireplace, it should be angled such that it can encourage cozy hangs.

5. DIY a Barn Door

The floorplans of the city apartments are usually limiting; however, some designers have tricks on how to maneuver this predicament. For starters, a sliding barn door can be used to separate the living room and the bedroom.

The sliding door will ensure there is enough privacy on your premises. Also, there will be a dedicated space that can be used for various activities. A smaller sofa is also better since it ensures the living room is not congested.

6. Layer Coffee Tables

You may want nesting tables, but they may be too small for your room. Well, a coffee table may also be too large. In this case, you can acquire two coffee tables and ensure they are put in place in a streamlined manner.

7. Add a Bar Cart

Sometimes it’s nice to have something in the living room that isn’t a couch, a chair, a TV, or a coffee table. One thing you can add is a bar cart. It will likely spark conversation when friends come over to visit. The bar carts from Nathan James are affordable and chic.

8. Look for a Large Rug

A large rug that also has a bold pattern ensures the room looks bigger. As compared to small rugs, the large size ensures the floor is not broken up. It also ensures space is anchored, and you will manage to design the rest of the room well.

Corner seating will also ensure that you can get more out of the living room space.

9. Utilize the High Ceilings

Even if your living room is not large enough, the high ceilings will come in handy. To take advantage of the high ceilings, you can use high curtains and incorporate wallpaper in the living room. A basic design is suitable for the curtains.

10. Choose a Dark Paint Color

Dark colors usually ensure there is some sophistication in the living room. Use the small living room space and ensure you are comfortable. The ceilings should have the same color to ensure there is a sense of intimacy. You should then ensure that the furniture in your living room is bright enough.

11. Incorporate Built-In Shelves

Regardless of whether you have inherited a place with an awkward appearance or want to renovate your home, built-in shelves come in handy. They can also be used as storage zones. You can try out floating shelves. You can also ensure the bottom shelf has a seating option. The color of the shelves should be similar.

The tips listed above will ensure that your living room looks better regardless of its size. Each of these tips has been tested and proven.

*Photos by Andrea Davis