Money Saving Tips from Wardrobe Stylist, Gen Bell

Posted March 11, 2014 by in Shopping

With Tax season soon ending, many of us want to treat ourselves after a hardworking year and go shopping. Well, don’t blow your tax refund on clothes without reading these money-saving tips from wardrobe stylist, Gen Bell.

These tips are great for tax season and throughout the year!


1. Have a set budget!

Having a set budget on how much you’d like to spend is key. Everyone has different methods that work best for him or her. Some people prefer to use cash so that they can see exactly how much they’re spending and on what.

My personal method is to create a budget first, let’s say $100. Then I figure out how many outfits I’d like to have from the $100, let’s say 4 outfits. Then I start window-shopping and comparing prices from different stores. I always check both online and in actual stores. Often times you’ll find the best mark down prices online!

2. Hit the Discount Stores

You can find stylish bargains at stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and DSW. Designer duds for a fraction of the price!  But be careful, just because a store is inexpensive doesn’t mean you’ll save any money if you over spend. Learn control.

3. Learn to Do-it-Yourself

Learning how to make a few, simple alterations can save you lots of money down the line. Master the basics of sewing, replacing buttons, and hemming pants. If you’re a busy professional like most of us, then find a local seamstress in your neighborhood that can make the simple alterations for you.

The point is to have your clothes last you for a long time. So if you lose a couple of pounds and can’t fit those jeans anymore, make the necessary alterations so that you can re-incorporate those jeans back into your wardrobe.

4. Shop Out of Season

Seasoned shoppers shop for spring and summer items in the fall, and buy your fall and winter looks when spring rolls around. Clothing is always cheaper when they are out of season.

5. Avoid Impulse Shopping or Emotional Shopping

Many of us can’t fight the urge to impulse buy. Remind yourself when the urge arises, are these shoes worth it right at this moment? If you’re still on the fence, wait a few days. If you still want them at the end of the week, go back and make the purchase.

6. Think About What’s Already in Your Closet

Keep your current wardrobe in mind when you shop, and don’t buy anything that won’t go with at least two or three other items that you own.

7. Take Care of Your Clothing

Caring for your clothes will help them last longer. Use the right amount of detergent, avoid the dryer when possible and hang and fold clothes properly.

8. Shop Vintage and Consignment

Fashion is cyclical! Trends from the past always make a comeback so don’t shy away from vintage and consignment shops. It may take longer to find exactly what you are looking for at a used clothing store so you must have patience.

9.  Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize.

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Take a simple dress and accessorize it in different ways to create completely different looks each time!  This will expand your wardrobe without having to buy a new outfit for every occasion.