Mother’s Day—Ways to Celebrate in a Fun and Healthy Way

Posted May 6, 2024 by in Health + Fitness

Getting your mom a great gift for Mother’s Day is always a nice way to show your love and appreciation for her on this special day. However, giving the gift of spending quality time together in a fun and healthy way will be more meaningful to her than any bouquet of flowers, cards or jewelry could ever be.

This Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12th, start a new tradition of honoring your mom with health-minded activities — one’s that can introduce new healthy habits, which the both of you can incorporate into your lives. Renowned expert trainersJennifer Devillers and Jolie Kobrinsky, have listed below the best Mother’s Day activities to plan for your mom, based on their 3-tier health based philosophy – Move, Mind, and Munch.


• Take her to a restorative yoga class

• Purchase vegetable seeds for her late spring garden and plant them together

• Go for a side-by-side foot massage or pedicure

• Plan a special wildflower hike in your area – picnic and new hiking shoes included

• Take her dancing (salsa, country western, ballroom, folk, or other)

• Do a pantry/refrigerator overhaul with her. Bring new shelf liners and storage containers.


• Send a Resistance Band with door anchor and a printed workout.

• Make a Spotify playlist with music from the year she turned 18

• Send her a subscription to a healthy magazine

• Sign her up for an online membership to a fitness website

• Send her a yoga mat, stainless steel water bottle and kettle bell


• Make a healthy brunch from scratch using super foods and surprise her with an unexpected location outside.

• Have a Smoothie Making Party and leave her with your favorite protein powder, smoothie recipes and a supply of ball jars with lids.

• Gift her a new Vitamix and a recipe book or recipes printed out nicely on card stocks and make one together.

• Make a “locavore” dinner together. Go shop together at your local farmer’s market for the ingredients then cook the meal together, using a meal plan she can refer to later.

Out-of towners

• Mail a basket of Super Foods: Chia Seeds, Ground Flax Seeds, Gogi Berries, Coconut oil, Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar and organic lemons, along with a printed description of how to use and the benefits of each.

• Send a high-speed blender and a smoothie recipe

• Sign her up for an online membership to a fitness website

• Arrange mail delivery from a local CSA every week for the season

green smoothies on a marble table


• Schedule a photo shoot with the two of you and family – and give her a frame

• Bring over a “Basket of Mellow” – Epsom salts, Calm (magnesium powder), Herbal tea, Local Organic Honey, a book of poetry

• Take a walk down memory lane with all of the family photo albums/movies/slideshows


•  Send a sleep and dream journal with guidelines and a sunrise alarm clock

•  Send an eco-friendly pillow

•  Send a lavender candle, bath salts and silk sleep mask

•  Send a book on aging gracefully. We really like the books by Cameron Diaz.

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