Motorcycle Law: 4 Reasons Why You Need a Motorcycle Injury Attorney (Now)

Posted October 9, 2020 by in Lifestyle
how to go about a motorcycle accident injury

Did you know bikers are about 27 times more likely to perish after an accident than car occupants?

If you’re a frequent rider, then it’s important to take motorcycle safety seriously. That includes knowing all the ins-and-outs of motorcycle law. You should also know when it’s time to hire an attorney after a crash.

Usually, people overlook the importance of having a skilled lawyer specializing in motorcycle accidents and instead prefer consulting their insurance provider. This sometimes ends in misleading and the claim for damages from the injured party may be rejected. That’s why it’s highly important to have an experienced attorney by your side, who will surely close the case for your benefit and will help you get the highest compensation. 

Were you recently injured in an accident? If so, then you’re likely wondering what comes next. Read on to learn four signs that signify it’s time to hire a motorcycle accident attorney.

1. You Were Significantly Injured

As you know, a motorcycle versus car accident rarely turns out well for the biker. At the least, you likely got some road rash or whiplash from the sudden hit. At it’s worst, these accidents can be fatal.

Depending on your situation, you may have taken an ambulance ride to the hospital. You may have needed significant treatment right away. If that’s the case, then it’s a good idea to hire an attorney. Still not sure why you need an attorney? Click the URL here and find everything you need to know.

Your medical bills will likely be extensive. That means you’re more likely to get push-back from the parties who owe you compensation.

2. You’re Battling Insurance Companies

Have you spoken with your insurance company or the other party’s insurance representative? Are they attempting to bait you into a low settlement? Or, are they outright denying your claim?

If you’re battling insurance companies, then you need an attorney. They’ll ensure your rights are upheld.

3. Your Bike is Totaled

After your crash, was your bike totaled? Did you suffer significant property loss? If so, then an attorney can help.

Insurance companies rarely want to pay you the full value of your totaled bike. On top of that, they rarely consider the value of extra equipment you’ve added onto your bike.

An attorney at your local law office will consider the full value of your losses. They’ll ensure you get fair compensation.

4. The Other Party is Deceptive and Shady

Is the other party giving you bad vibes? Did they attempt to persuade you not to involve the authorities?

If so, then beware! The other party may attempt to put the blame on you after your crash. They might even outright deny the crash ever happened. If you don’t call the police, then you might not have any proof of their involvement.

If the other party is shady, then you need an attorney by your side. They’re equipped to investigate the situation and find evidence to prove what happened.

Motorcycle Law: Ready to Hire an Attorney?

AT the end of the day, motorcycle law is clear. If someone else’s negligence causes an accident, then they’re on the hook for your losses. If you notice the signs above, then hiring an attorney is in your best interests.

Keeping yourself healthy and safe should be a top priority for everyone in 2020. That means getting the health care you need after an accident. If you’re looking for more life tips, then you’re in luck! Keep browsing through our blog for more of our best articles.