Moving: A Guide To A Stress Free Move

Posted May 15, 2019 by in Lifestyle

If the thought of boxing up all of your possessions and carting them across the country sends shivers down your spine, then you’re not alone. The thought is nothing short of terrifying especially when you consider the cost of moving alongside the worry of your belongings getting lost or broken, having to unpack them all once you’re in your new place, and getting acclimatized to your new neighborhood.

All of this aside, however, moving is incredibly exciting and you should allow yourself to feel the buzz before getting organized and facing the move head-on. Yes, there’s a lot to think about when moving, but there’s also so much to look forward to:

Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for some help along the way because, after all, what are friends for?

Invite a small team of friends over to help you pack, and think about celebrating after by going to your favorite restaurant in town and unwinding. For the tasks that require a professional touch, then find appropriate help by firstly looking at movers reviews and assessing which company is going to be best for you. Once decided, get them booked to do the work as soon as you possibly can.

Getting organized nice and early is going to help you get closer to achieving your goal of enjoying a stress free move.

Get A Planner

This is a simple suggestion, but it’s going to save you hassle in the long run – providing you’re able to keep on track and remember to note down the time and date of expected deliveries, when you need to be out of your old home, what needs to be cleaned, and so on.

Take note of everything you think to be significant, and at the end of each day try and read over your notes to familiarize yourself with the tasks that have been completed and the ones still to do.

Save Money Where You Can

There’s no doubt about it; moving does incur a few extra costs along the way, so be prepared by saving up a little extra money in the run up to the day. You can still keep moving relatively cheap if you’re savvy with your money and know exactly where to spend, and where to save it.

Save money by refusing to buy new boxes and crates; instead, begin collecting boxes and bags in the months leading up to the move. Save again by asking friends if you can borrow cleaning items and devices instead of having a professional clean, unless, of course, your contract requires it.

Also, when rifling through your clothes and deciding what to:

  1. Keep
  2. Sell online or at a yard sale.
  3. Donate to charity

Take Care Of Fragile Items

Don’t take risks when it comes to precious items. If you know something is fragile, then ensure you protect it by wrapping it in layers of clothing instead of using single-use plastics.

Don’t be shy about labeling such items with warning stickers, as this will let the moving company know exactly which boxes to handle with the utmost care.

Have you ever done a big move? Let us know in the comments below!