Moving Cross-Country? These Are the Best Modes of Auto Transportation

Posted April 27, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Luckily, these days there are several auto transport shippers available out there which ship your car or vehicle easily from one place to another. Usually, they have the right equipment to shift cars regardless of the distance so when you decide to move your home. You don’t have to worry about the shipping of your vehicle. For your other belongings, consider checking out a comparison site like Muval to find the best interstate removalists. 

But remember that not all the auto shipper companies are the same, some offer better services than others and there are also several modes of auto transportations are available. You should always choose the #1 auto transport company that offers you the mode of auto transportation that you want.

Check out the various modes of auto transportation used by the companies:

1. Road Transportation

This mode of transportation is used to transport automobiles via road to another city or another state. Usually, tractor-trailers are used under road transportation to ship vehicles. A tractor-trailer is capable of carrying 10 to 12 vehicles at a time depending upon the size or weight of different vehicles. It consists of a hydraulically operated ramp that is used to load and unload the vehicles. Though it takes more time but is a safe mode to be used for shipping.

Usually, people choose this for short to medium distance moves like the city to city or state to state move but this is the most popular mode of transportation offered by almost all the shipping organizations. Also, the cost of transportation depends upon the size and weight of the vehicle and the distance to be traveled to ship the vehicle that you will have to pay to shippers.

In this, you can choose movers to ship your car via road or can also hire professional driving services to ship your car. You can choose any of the methods if you want to ship your vehicle by road. 

2. Rail Transportation

In this mode of transportation, automobiles are shipped to another place by trains or rails. There are some rails which are specifically designed in such a way that it contains two or three decks so that they can effectively carry more than or equal to 20 vehicles and these rail cars are also called as auto racks. Special ramps are available there in these rails to load and unload vehicles. Rail transportation allows a much faster shipment of a vehicle. 

Also, the cost of carrying a vehicle is much less than compared to the mode of road transportation. If you want a cost-effective solution for the transportation of your vehicle then it is just an ideal mode of transportation but in this case, you might have to drive your car to a certain distance because your car would not be dropped at your home.

3.  Air Transportation

In this mode of transportation, your automobile is shipped via plane. One can go for this mode when they want to transport their vehicle to another country. Special types of planes are used to carry containers holding vehicles and these planes can carry around 16 tons of weight. Usually, the planes are designed in such a way that the loading door is at the front to load the containers.

It is the fastest, safest and reliable mode of transportation. But the cost of shipment is usually higher than the average cost of a car. 

4.  Water Transportation

Usually car container ships are used to carry automobiles to another country. These ships are large and bulky vessels that are capable of carrying shipping containers each holding around 35 tons weight of different vehicles. These ships are designed with decks so that vehicles can be easily loaded as well as unloaded at their destination. 

To ship your automobile via water transportation mode, you will need to drive it to the nearest port and then it is loaded safely into a steel shipping container. It is a cost-effective mode but it takes more time to ship automobiles overseas. Usually, expensive cars are transported by people using this method. You can choose the mode if you possess a luxurious car and you want to ship it at a very long distance.

Usually, when you want to ship a car from one place to another place, it is a great idea to drive yourself but this is not possible in all cases. Sometimes the circumstances are different and there is a need to transport the automobile at a long distance, so in such cases, you can choose any mode of transportation available from the road, rail, air, and water as per your preferences. All the modes have their advantages and disadvantages so nothing can be clearly said that which mode is better or which one is the best. 

It completely depends on your needs that which one you should choose out of all. The cost of shipping also depends upon the mode you choose to ship, it could be as simple as you hire a college student to drive your car to a certain place or could be as difficult that you need to hire a complete shipper organization to perfectly ship your car using maritime.