3 Tips to Reduce Moving Costs and Save Money

Posted July 12, 2019 by in Lifestyle
moving costs

Does the thought of moving cause anxiety when you think of the costs involved? The average moving costs for a local move is $1,250. Long-distance moving is even more at $4,890. 

Moving costs can add up quickly and seem overwhelming. I will give you some peace of mind knowing they’re ways to reduce costs! In this article, I will cover 3 tips to reduce moving costs and save money so unnecessary spending and anxiety are avoided! Read on to discover how to save money on moving costs:

  1. Purchase Moving Supplies 

You might think why not buy moving supplies from my mover? It’ll save you lots of money by just buying them in advance. You can check out your local office supply stores for discounts on bulk orders.

Keep boxes that you have accumulated over time, and check out liquor stores in the area. Liquor stores tend to have boxes that they’re wanting to get rid of for free! Ask friends and family if they have any boxes they don’t want anymore that you could have.

Grab and stock up on newspapers as well. Newspaper is a cheaper alternative to pricey paper moving companies sell for your breakables.

As you’re thinking of how many boxes you need, go through your items and decide what you’ll want to keep or not. Some of those items you decide to sell you could make some money off of and put that money toward your move!

When you’re done with the boxes you could earn some money by selling the boxes.

  1. Moving Costs During off Season 

When you’re looking to move, if it’s during the off-season you’re in luck! If you move between October and April, that’s considered the off-season so moving prices will be lower.

If you’re trying to move during the summer and early fall that’s when moving is in high demand so prices go up. 

How great would it be to have a one-stop shop for both storage and a moving company? Check out communitymover.com for some great deals on moving and storage! 

  1. Check Your Utility Shut-Down Dates 

Did you know some utility companies out there don’t prorate your bill for your departure date? That’s lost money! Contact your utility company to see the options you have. You might want to end your services early so you don’t get charged for the time you’re not using their services. 

Next Steps

They’re several factors that go into moving and moving costs that can seem overwhelming. When you follow these 3 tips they’ll immensely save you money on moving.

Remember to check out your local liquor store for free boxes, also hold onto any newspapers you find! Contact your utility provider to make sure you won’t be charged for services you aren’t using. Most importantly, plan out your move preferably during the off-season so you can save money since it’s not during the busy season. Since moving is in demand during the summer and early fall, companies will be raising their prices so it’ll be harder to find a reasonable mover. 

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