Must-Have Smart Cleaning Products That Make Your Life Even Better

Posted November 4, 2019 by in Lifestyle
smart cleaning appliances

Americans spend an average of seven hours a week cleaning their homes. According to the 2018 survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute, 74 percent of respondents were doing surface-level cleaning inside their homes most of the time. But thorough cleaning also needs to be done every once in a while, so sometimes we have no choice but to allocate time to some serious spring cleaning action at home.

This can be both tiring and frustrating, but fortunately, there are new gadgets on the market to make your cleaning sessions more fun and convenient. Here are several must-have cleaning gadgets that can make your tasks bearable.

Robotic Mop And Vacuum

One of the most exhausting household tasks is cleaning shag carpets and other flooring, especially after the winter season. But making sure that rugs are dirt-free is essential to maintaining a healthy home. Carpets should be washed at least once a year and vacuumed as often as possible. However, experts from Household Advice believe that maintaining cleanliness can be extra challenging if you don’t use the right vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, there are new smart vacuum cleaners that are readily available on the market.

One of your options is the Narwal Self-Cleaning Robot Mop and Vacuum. It utilizes a smart navigation technology that allows it to reach even the farthest corner on its own. Once done, it will head back to its docking base to remove the rubbish, rinse and dry up without any human intervention. You can also get the Shark ION ROBOT Voice Control Robotic Vacuum. You can instruct it to clean every inch of your shag carpet while sitting on your couch. It also has a strong suction power that can pick up nasty dust all over the house.

Smart Bathroom Cleaners

The survey from ACI also revealed that 88 percent of all respondents clean their toilets regularly. However, 52 percent of those who answered also admitted that they dread cleaning their bathrooms the most. If you are one of those who are not comfortable cleaning that part of the house, then consider investing in some gadgets that could do the job for you.

You can invest in the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber that spins on its own. All you need to do is to apply some cleaner or soap to the area that you want to address, and it will do the rest of the job. But if you really want to take toilet cleaning off your to-do list, then you need the Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot Kit. You only need to install it in your toilet, then it will automatically scrub the bowl without your help. Its telescopic arm allows it to reach every spot within the bowl, especially the challenging areas located under the rim. This will make sure that every inch of the toilet bowl is spic and span all the time.

These are just a few of the most technologically-advanced cleaning gadgets that you can purchase in stores. They might cost you more than the average cleaning products, but they’re specifically designed to make your life easier by helping you tidy up your home. By investing in these products, you can be sure that home cleaning tasks become a breeze. Most importantly, these gadgets can reduce the time that you need to spend on cleaning, so you can use that extra time to do the things that you love.