My Favorite Things: January 2017

Posted January 29, 2017 by in Lifestyle

January has already thrown a ton of different weather at us here in NYC. We’ve had normal winter weather that has included small flurries all the way to a full on blizzard; but we have also had a few days that felt like early spring. I didn’t even need a coat to go outside last weekend. Crazy!

Anyway, below are a few of my new favorites that I can’t get enough of:

1. App: Caviar

After getting hit by a car, my boyfriend and I had to rely heavily on food delivery due to our injuries. Seamless got old extremely fast, and Postmates always takes forever, so we gave Caviar a try. Obsessed!

The restaurants available each day vary and you can choose to go healthy or junky. The delivery time is also great since the delivery isn’t from the restaurants directly — it’s through the Caviar team directly. If you live in NY, definitely try it out!

2. Skincare: Nourish Organic

I’ve been searching for a quality serum and night cream that could get me through the rough winter. I’m a bit of a skincare connoisseur, so I usually avoid the drugstore stuff like the plague. While searching to see if Kiehl’s was a good option for my skin, I found this blog post about the ingredient list of Kiehl’s. Believe me, it’s not good.

During my research on Kiehl’s, I was introduced to Nourish Organic products. It’s all natural, and all of the ingredients are certified organic. If you read the ingredient list, you’ll be able to pronounce everything without a problem. I’m currently using the Restorative Night Cream and the Overnight Recovery Serum. Both smell great and my skin is way less tight than it was a few weeks ago.

These products are also affordable and you can find them at Whole Foods and Target.

3. Hand Masks

Like my face, my hands get really dry during NYC winters. Usually I just deal with it, but my boyfriend found these hand masks at Sephora for $6 each. I bough one and LIFE CHANGER! Not only did it moisturize my hands instantly, but days later, my hands still feel super soft. I think it helped my actual nails as well.

They are gloves filled with product. You put them on for 15 minutes and then you just massage the excess in, no need to rinse off. Go for it, chicas!

4. EyeBuyDirect

A co-worker of mine had on the coolest glasses and she told me they were only $20 from EyeBuyDirect. With a prescription. What?!

I found two pairs I liked and went for it. The customer service was excellent throughout the process (I had to call because I had a few questions about my pupillary distance) and now I have two pairs of frames and the cost was only $50. Woot!

5. Audible

I received a bad concussion due to the accident and I had a constant migraine for about two weeks. I couldn’t look at screens and focusing on anything with my eyes for longer than a few minutes made me nauseous. We’re talking two weeks, so I go very bored.

When I felt up to it, my boyfriend and I started to listen to the Harry Potter series via Audible. It has been wonderful and even though I can look at screens now, we’re still listening every evening. Book 4 is almost over!

My Favorite Things: January 2017

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