Myth or Reality: Is It Possible to Lose Weight with Massage?

Posted March 20, 2022 by in Beauty

How to lose weight – is a phrase that endlessly torments the minds of both women and men, and is also one of the most popular search queries in the browser. There are many miracle diets and workout programs around us. The voice in your head is telling you that the best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. And what he says is true! However, we are sure that if you add another important element to this weight loss formula, then the reduction in volume and weight loss will not be long in coming. 

Many believe that massage is a procedure for relaxation, relieving muscle fatigue and emotional detox. But few people realize that a massage therapist can become your best friend in the process of “sculpting” the “perfect body.” The thing is that when the therapist is doing a massage on full body, you can point out those areas that are difficult to focus on during a workout in the gym.

Of course, no one will argue that in one visit to a massage you will burn an incredible amount of calories and lose a couple of sizes, but in combination with proper nutrition and a fitness load in the gym, the result will not be long in coming. Therefore, let’s analyze the most popular myths about this massage:

Lymphatic Drainage Helps to Lose Weight

Truth. Extra pounds and circulation problems in the body are often interconnected. Fatty and fibrous compounds can form due to an increase in the amount of fluid in the microcirculatory system. In addition to weight gain, as a result of adverse changes, tissue tone decreases. Violation of the lymph flow and lymphatic edema are often provoked by an increased level of the hormones estrogen and progesterone – the reasons for this may be the use of contraceptives, pregnancy or a sedentary lifestyle.

Machine Lymphatic Drainage is More Effective Than Manual

Myth. Both manual and hardware – otherwise it is called pressotherapy – draining massages are equally effective. Manual lymphatic drainage allows you to carefully work out the areas of the main lymphatic vessels – in the ankles, groin, femoral triangle, armpits and peritoneum. Exposure by hands is both a physiotherapeutic and cosmetic procedure.

Lymphatic Drainage is Able to Sculpt a Clear Relief of the Face

Truth. Lymphatic drainage massage has a modeling and tightening effect, relieves swelling and improves muscle tone. But to consolidate what has been achieved, a course of eight to ten procedures is needed with a frequency of two to three times a week.

Lymphatic Drainage is Painful

Myth. This erroneous setting is associated with a confusion of procedures – lymphatic drainage / anti-cellulite massage. During lymphatic drainage, pain is minimized, as it slows down the lymph flow.

Lymphatic Drainage Fights Cellulite

Truth. With this exposure, liquids are resorbed and tissues are released from polluting and deforming substances – colloidal protein solutions, fat emulsions, bacteria and toxic compounds.

Anti-Cellulite Massage in Itself—a Means for Losing Weight

Myth. This is the most popular myth. The effect of reducing body weight after the first and several subsequent sessions of anti-cellulite massage is in no way associated with weight loss. Often this is a consequence of a powerful lymphatic drainage effect – the release of stagnant fluid from the intercellular spaces. 

During the Course of Anti-cellulite Massage, You Need to Limit or Not Drink after the Massage

Myth. This is a trick to fix your “positive” result – weight loss – in no way will add to your health. Massage contributes to the activation of the natural detoxification program – body cleansing – the work of the kidneys and the lymphatic drainage system is enhanced. The body tries to remove accumulated toxins along with the liquid. In order to help him “clear” you need to drink more water, and not less.

After the Massage, You Can Not Eat, so as Not to Gain Weight

Myth. In general, nutrition during the course of anti-cellulite massage should be selected individually, taking into account the identified problem, the number of extra pounds, the type of body constitution, and the state of health. You can and should eat after the massage. If the massage was in the evening, then after 30 minutes you can have dinner.

Anti-Cellulite Massage Cannot Be Combined with Physical Activity

Myth. The best effect of anti-cellulite massage can be obtained by combining it with well-chosen physical activity. Again, the type of physical activity must be selected strictly according to the problem being solved. To reduce body fat, the following option is ideal: 20-30 minutes of running or a high-intensity exercise bike, with warming up the tissues, increasing the heart rate to 90-110 beats per minute, then 30-40 minutes of anti-cellulite massage, and after – a few stretching exercises for problem areas.