Natural Ways to Quickly and Efficiently Clean Your Bathroom

Posted October 15, 2019 by in Lifestyle
clean and stylish bathroom

The bathroom is easily one of the most utilized rooms in the home, so it’s no surprise that it needs regular cleaning, and by regular cleaning, we mean multiple times a week. Especially if you have to share your bathroom with multiple people.

If it’s your turn to clean the bathroom, but you don’t want it to take forever and you want to avoid using harsh cleansers, consider the tips below:

natural ways to clean your bathroom

Clean Your Toilet with Vodka 

Yes, you heard right. Now don’t use the nice stuff you have displayed on your chic bar cart, but the cheap stuff you probably have hiding in your freezer from a party you had months ago. Not only will it make your toilet sparkle, but it will kill bacteria and it’ll help keep those yucky orange rings from forming. Just pour 1/2 cup of vodka in your toilet bowl about twice a month. Believe, your toilet bowl will sparkle like the top of the Chrysler building. 

Purify Your Toilet Brush Holder 

Many forget this step when cleaning the bathroom, but you do need to clean your toilet brush holder occasionally to stop the distribution of germs. Simply put a disinfectant of your choice in your toilet brush holder a few times a month. Since the liquid will just sit there, you’ll want to avoid using a disinfectant that has a strong smell (so bleach is a no-go). Try using a tablespoon of white vinegar, vodka, or rubbing alcohol. Find more recommendations on

Sparkle Faucets with Baby Oil 

If your chrome faucet is looking a bit dull despite using a strong cleanser on it, grab some baby oil. By adding a couple drops of baby oil on a microfiber material, you’ll be able to buff your chrome faucets back to the sparkle they had when you first moved in. Doing this once a week will keep fingerprints, water spots, and smears under control.

Free a Shower of Soap Scum with Cooking Spray 

If you thought your cooking spray was only for the kitchen, you’re wrong. Spray the cooking spray on your shower walls and wait a few minutes for it to work, then scrub away the soap scum. Since you’ll be using oil to remove the soap scum from your shower, you’re going to want to make sure to clean the shower floor with a different type of cleanser to prevent any slips.

Unclog Drains with Baking Soda 

Baking soda is a pretty amazing product. It can be used to remove smells from your fridge and freezer, in cooking to create that perfect cookie texture, and even in your hair to remove buildup. So why not your bathroom? If you have a clogged drain and you want to avoid using Draino (it’s a harsh chemical that can be pricey). Just sprinkle the baking soda down the clogged drain and pour hot (and I mean hot) water down the drain to help extricate up the grime, hair, and gunk that’s stowing away down there causing the clog.

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