Nature-Inspired Living Room Decor

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Nature-Inspired Living Room Decor

To create a nature-inspired living room that is truly captivating, consider integrating elements that reflect the natural world into your decor. This will not only make your space beautiful, but it will also help to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Biophilic rooms have been proven to have a positive impact on mood, stress levels and the environment. The idea of bringing the natural world inside is an attempt to connect with nature and increase the amount of greenery in our apartments (which are often surrounded by other apartments and concrete structures). Air-cleaning plants can help improve your health and make your living room look stylish and comfortable. Wooden furniture made from natural materials is sustainable and long-lasting, but most of all, it is classic and timeless. A nature-inspired living room will likely be popular for years to come. There are many ways you can design your project. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Modern living room interior with furniture and assorted plants

Colour palette

You don’t have to use colours found in nature if you don’t want to. You can choose any colours you like. Rather than using colours that are in direct contrast to each other, try using colours that will work together to create a more harmonious area. Mix mid-century classics with your biophilic design and choose colours that make your décor and furniture stand out. If you want to keep your room looking neutral, you should choose three shades that you can layer together. If you want dark wooden floors and light-coloured walls, use light-coloured shelves and furniture to match. Alternatively, add a light colour to your walls or flooring in a way that fits the tone of your living room. Adding layers will add depth to the room, giving it personality. Adding nature-inspired art on the walls to complement your colour scheme can add depth. Once you have chosen your tone, mix and match until you find a look that speaks to you.

Please see the accompanying resource for more information on the wonderful benefits nature can have when incorporated into your space.

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What all to include in décor

A nature-inspired living room is not placing random plants around the room. The space should be cohesive and have a natural feel to it. This includes the kind of furniture you choose to buy. Furniture made of wood or oak will give your home a natural feel. You can also choose a gallery wall that has neutral artwork. A gallery wall will also be perfect for disguising your television and going for the no-technology look. Simply wall-mount your television, add a frame around it and save it to a nature-art screensaver. You can contact professionals to wall mount your television for you by clicking here. You don’t have to limit your decor to just your furniture. You can also use wooden decorations on the walls and ceiling. You can choose from wooden vases, straw lamps, clear glass light fixtures, and lots of plants in wooden plant pots or clear glass pots. Adding a new piece of furniture to your living room can help to make the space look more balanced, especially if you are using darker wall colours.

Plants are good, only when they are hanging around the space though. If you have a small room, to begin with, adding potted plants on the floor will only increase the cluttered space. Consider hanging plants by the window or around the room, or if you have potted plants, put them on the floating shelves. Hanging plants from the ceilings are also a great way to add greenery into your decor.


Windows are a great way to add natural light and atmosphere to your living room. They add natural daylight which is amazing for you and your plants, making the space feel bigger than it is and brightening up the entire room. Go for big windows or floor-to-ceiling windows that face south, and use sheer curtains to make the room feel open and airy. If you don’t have enough room for windows, you can choose skylights instead. If you have a good view, you can make your window the focal point of the room. You can add a touch of luxury to your space by having a wooden trim around your window. The more windows you have in your area, the brighter and airier your area will be. If you have smaller windows, you can add mirrors opposite to them so that the sunlight can get reflected throughout the area. 


 If you like the minimalist aesthetic, then it will be easy for you to organize your space.

However, minimalist interior design does not speak to you, just make sure when choosing furniture and décor that is functional or has double use. Add art around the room to give it a personal touch or create a gallery wall. Using decor that has a two-fold purpose for the room will further make it more functional. For example, a sofa-bed or daybed is a smart choice when it comes to functional furniture that plays into the open layout mechanism. Another way is to remove lamps and add fairy lights or LED strip lights around the room instead.

What are your thoughts on nature-inspired decor? Let us know in the comments below!