Navigating Long-Distance Moves: 7 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Posted April 12, 2024 by in Home

Long-distance house moves are exhilarating, but man do they also load a heap of stress on your shoulders. The good news is that you can do plenty to streamline the process so that it’s not quite as turbulent. 

We’ve been there before and made every mistake in the book, so we’re here to help you avoid those dramas and navigate your long-distance move with ease. All you have to do is put the following tips into action. You’ll soon be settling into your brand-new life chapter with far less stress and a lot more balance!

  1. Enlist Expert Assistance

Whether you need a removalist in Melbourne, a project planner in Chicago, or an immigration lawyer in the UK, enlist the services of these experts early to ensure you’re able to connect with the best of the best. 

Hiring experts in long-distance removals is a fast way to alleviate stress and strain from packing, unpacking, transporting, communicating, coordinating, and more. Meanwhile, immigration specialists can handle all the bureaucratic stuff, leaving you to focus on the practical and emotional aspects of leaving your old life behind in exchange for a new one. 

  1. Pack Like A Pro

Packing for a long-distance move is taxing for you, and for your belongings, there’s a far greater risk of damage. International moves can also involve navigating various inventory legalities and considerations. Because of this, staying highly organized with your packing can reduce your stress significantly. 

Think carefully about using the right boxes, wrapping the contents, correctly labeling, and following guidelines from the carriers you use. Most importantly, start packing as early as possible to avoid panic closer to your moving date. 

  1. Swedish Death Clean 

Dostadning – aka Swedish Death Cleaning – involves getting rid of the stuff your family won’t want or need after you pass. If other decluttering methods haven’t worked for you, this could be the tactic that helps you truly cut down on your excess baggage. 

  1. Pack An Essentials Box 

Have an essentials box on hand so you don’t end up in a fluster trying to find urgently needed items. Toilet rolls, snacks, chargers – whatever you know you’ll need most during the move. This box of practical items can keep you grounded and sane while everything else is up in the air. 

  1. Look After Yourself

Long-distance moves can cause burnout, and while some people recover within three months, it can take a year or more for many of us to settle in. By sleeping and eating well, exercising, and taking time out for yourself, you can stay healthy and motivated to thrive in your new life. 

  1. Create A Checklist 

Around 63% of people say moving house is one of the most stressful events they have experienced. When you’re under such stress, you simply cannot trust your brain to hold all the requisite information, so a checklist is essential. 

Whether you go for an app or a good old-fashioned writing pad, the most important thing is to get a checklist going from the beginning and then use it consistently. 

  1. Set A Budget

The average cost of moving within your country is $4,600, but it can balloon to as much as $15,000 when long distances are involved. By setting a budget, you have money on hand for both expected and unexpected expenses (the latter of which are unavoidable). This removes stress and ensures you never feel like your finances are spiraling out of control. 

Moving long distances can be incredibly challenging, but the tips above can make it a little easier. With a little preparation, you’ll be ready to embrace this new and exciting chapter. 

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