New Shoes Don’t Have to Mean Painful Blisters

Posted January 8, 2012 by in Beauty

Mornings always feel better when you get to start your day off with a new pair of fabulous shoes. The downfall: blisters. The stiff, unbroken-in material rubbing against your skin could potentially have you on the brink of tears by the end of the day. Blisters happen when you have to much friction — a constant rubbing motion against your skin. The heel and big toe are usually the most affected, however, the bottom part of your feet can also suffer if you don’t wear socks.

The solution is prevention. Don’t even give those fabulous new shoes a chance to hurt your feet. When it comes to casual shoes (sneakers, flats, oxfords…), put a Band-Aid on your heels, big toe and the skin right above your big toe before you even leave the house. That way, the shoes will rub against the bandage, not your delicate skin.

Heels are a bit different. Nobody wants to see bandages sticking out of their sexy pumps on a hot date. Instead, put Band-Aids on and wear them around the house. Clean your room, do the laundry, run to the store in your favorite pair of skinny jeans…bandages well hidden. When the time comes to wear your heels for that hot date or night out with the girls, they’ll be broken in and comfortable. You’ll look good, feel great and never have to deal with sore, blistered feet. Prevention is key!