Next Day Glasses: The Ultimate Guide to Fast and Reliable Eyewear

Posted June 15, 2023 by in Fashion

Imagine you are traveling somewhere and during your trip your glasses break. Seems like your trip is pretty much ruined isn’t it? I mean, it’s going to be pretty hard to buy a new pair of prescription glasses in another city. Not to mention the time it would take to receive your glasses is probably going to take longer than the trip itself. Well guess what, your trip is far from ruined, because you can actually get a new pair of glasses within twenty-four hours! Here is the ultimate guide to next day glasses. 

First Things First: Prescription 

If you do end up in a vision emergency during your travels, getting next day glasses is really the best option. But in order to be able to order prescription glasses online, you would obviously need your prescription. It’s pretty unlikely that you’d bring your prescription on your trip (although it’s possible), and it’s also pretty unlikely that you know your prescription by heart.

If you have a picture of your prescription, then you’re good. But if not– you’re still good. Most online optical retailers can contact your eyecare professional for your prescription. To be able to have this option, check out fast glasses by Overnight Glasses, Warby Parker and Zenni.  

Check Out Frames

Once you have solved the prescription problem, you’re free to move on to choosing a frame. This is actually the best part, and it’s the most fun. Most online Prada prescription glasses retailers have a much larger catalog, with many more options than you would have at standard brick and mortar stores.   You can really spend hours exploring all the cool brands, frame shapes, sizes and colors.

To speed up the process of finding the perfect frame, you can filter your searches based on color, size, brand, shape, style, etc. Many online optical retailers also have the option of a virtual mirror, so you can even try on different frames virtually, to see which ones best match your style. 

Choose Lenses 

Another advantage of ordering prescription glasses online is that besides frames, you’ll also have many more lens options to choose from. Let’s take a look at what your options will look like. 

Most online optical shops give you at least three choices for lens thickness. Polycarbonate is the standard lens, the type that is available at all brick and mortar stores. 1.67 high index lenses are thinner and pricier. They are typically recommended for people with higher prescriptions. The third option is Trivex lenses. These lenses are the priciest option available. 

Besides lens thickness, you’ll also have a series of lens coatings and treatments to choose from. These typically include UV protective, anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, blue light, etc. Some of these treatments and coatings are even included in the price of the lenses. 


One thing to keep in mind is that, if you want your prescription glasses to be delivered within twenty four hours, you’re going to have to pay a rush service fee. This is usually around fifty to sixty dollars. So not terrible, but not necessarily amazing either. But of course if you are in an optical emergency, you are going to have to pay that price. 

One of the advantages of ordering prescription glasses online is that they tend to be more affordable than brick and mortar store glasses. While brick and mortar store glasses can cost anywhere from $250-600, online prescription glasses tend to cost around $100-400 (of course depending on your lens choice). Considering that the prices of the glasses are already so affordable, even an additional fifty to sixty dollars won’t bring the prices up to traditional brick and mortar store prices. 

Best Travel-Friendly Options 

You can find some of the best travel-friendly prescription glasses online. What you should be looking for in travel glasses is comfort and durability. The frame should be very durable and fit on your face as comfortably as possibly. Besides this, they should have blue light, UV protective and anti-scratch coatings. These will definitely be helpful during your travels. And finally, find a frame that really suits your style. After all, glasses are an essential part of your outfit and they need to really describe who you are as a person. 

And here you have the ultimate guide to buying next day prescription glasses online. It’s so cool that in this day and age we have such convenient options. Our travels don’t have to be ruined because of optical emergencies, and we can have a new pair of prescription glasses within twenty four hours. How cool is that!

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