No Need To Call 911 On Your Relationship, Simply Get Your Health In Check

Posted June 9, 2021 by in Lifestyle

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that relationships are difficult. Making things work takes compromise, patience, commitment, and, as we’ll discuss here, good personal health. After all, as much as we might think of them as standalone issues, health complaints have a huge impact on how we feel, what we can do, and our attitude in general.

It’s therefore inevitable that these issues spill over into our private lives if left unchecked. Even if you haven’t prioritized health for yourself, then, here are three key reasons why a healthier you could enjoy a healthier relationship.

# 1 – More Energy to Do Things Together

People in poor health have low energy levels. This is true whether your health issues come down to generally poor fitness or something like a thyroid problem. Either way, the chances are that, when your health isn’t great, you prefer staying in over going out with your partner. This could soon see you both going your separate ways during precious periods of quality time, and that’s a significant problem.

By comparison, either moving more or seeking treatment for an underlying condition can both transform your body (which, let’s be honest, isn’t going to hurt,) and give you the energy boost you need to embrace a wide range of amazing experiences with your better half. Experiences that, incidentally, could fuel the fires of your love at long last. 

# 2 – Improved Communication Overall

Communication is a huge priority in any relationship, which is why the communication setbacks experienced off the back of issues like depression or even hearing loss can be incredibly damaging. Again, steps towards improved health are crucial here. It might be that you get yourself on a waiting list for therapy that helps you to improve your mental health and how you talk about it. Or, you may need to read these hearing test faqs to prepare yourself for an audiologist appointment. Either way, taking proactive steps towards a healthier you can remove the communications barrier that your partner might not have even realized was in place. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez: CC0 License

# 3 – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Even in a long-term relationship, we should always strive to be our best selves. Unfortunately, whether mental or physical, the vast majority of health conditions can stop that from being possible. Ongoing health complaints can especially knock our confidence, shake our inspiration, and even make us short-tempered and unpleasant to be around. No relationship can survive that kind of pressure, making speedy treatment essential. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, or clustered migraines, taking steps to work through the issue head-on enables you to get back to who you were, and who your partner loves, before it’s too late to cover lost ground. 

Marriage vows might tie you together in sickness and health, but the impact of any kind of health complaint can put that promise to the test. Even if a relationship can survive that kind of strain, it’s unlikely to thrive unless you take active steps to get every aspect of your health in check at last. 

*Photos by Priscilla Du Preez