No Weekend Plans? Start Spring Cleaning Early With These Great Tips

Posted January 8, 2015 by in Fashion

With the cold weather truly settled in, you might be looking around for things to do indoors that might keep you occupied. To stay busy without getting cold, consider getting a head start on your spring cleaning.

When you are clearing out the house, clothing seems to be the hardest thing to let go of. The trouble is, none of it ever lasts. That top that brings back fond memories of summer years ago really isn’t going to survive another run in the washer machine. It’s bobbly, and the colors are faded. Most importantly, it does your current shape no favors whatsoever.

Below are a few ways to make clearing out your closet less daunting:

How To Clear Your Closet For This Season's Hot Looks

Put Everything in Piles and Try It All on

The best way to streamline your current hoard of clothing is to try it all on. Start by putting all the sweaters and warm wear that only comes out in winter to one side. This can be dealt with later in the year. Next, put your clothes on the bed in piles. You need all your trousers in one pile, shorts in another, skirts, then dresses. Shirts, tops, and thin sweaters can have their own piles too. Once it’s all sorted, it’ll be easier to see what you and don’t have.

Create New Outfits by Playing Dress-up

When clothing is tucked away in a drawer or a wardrobe, we tend to wear the same combos again and again. Mixing it up can breathe new life into older clothes. Start with work clothes, if you need them. You’ll want to make sure they still look good on you. If something no longer works, put it in a thrift or Buffalo Exchange pile.

Casual clothes like summer dresses and tops can be checked next. Shorts come in lots of different styles so see which tops work with what you have. You are probably starting to notice that some good tops lack a bottom buddy, or your skirts don’t have a partnering top. Keep working through all your items until you have enough items for about ten days. This caters for sweaty days, spillage days, and long holidays!

Make a Shopping List

Anything that is missing gives you a great shopping list. This is great news because the spring collections are in store now, and there is plenty to check out. Having an idea of what you need to buy helps prevent overspending. It also helps prevent overcrowding in your closet when you have too many of the same things! Focusing your mind on the three or four essential items you need to look out for makes you a better shopper. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from checking out this season’s hottest new items either…

When all is said and done, closet space is tight. We only have so many places in our homes where we can stuff our clothes. Buying smart is buying right. Once you know the looks you want to achieve, you can figure out how much of that look you already have tucked away in a wardrobe, and shop to find the rest.