No White After Labor Day? Not On Our Watch!

Posted September 9, 2012 by in Shopping

“Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” You’ve surely heard that before, maybe even from your own mother or favorite style icon.

But should we really put an entire color in time-out for two whole seasons? Not on our watch! Below are four fashionable items we think are okay to wear after Labor Day.

White Boots

White boots aren’t that common and since most of us live in boots during fall and winter, why not be a little daring?  These Cheap Monday booties popped out at me while I was browsing their website. They’re a bit pricy but so worth it.

  • Cheap Monday Booties: $145.00 Shopbob

Go even cheaper with one of these selections:

A Classy White Dress

Our model Genesis wore a beautiful white Lavender Brown dress during our Fall photo shoot with Marcus Cooper a few weeks ago. It looks like she’s ready to star in Sex and the City 3! It’s just so classy and elegant.

If you’re in high school, you’d be the talk of the school for weeks if you showed up to homecoming in this number. If you’re a 9-5 fashionista, you’re sure to be an all day distraction. To make it not look too sexy, pair it with a fitted black blazer and sexy red pumps. Think Melissa of Office Style would approve?

White Dress Pants

During a Fashion Week event yesterday I noticed someone wearing perfectly fitted white dress pants. It was after Labor Day, but she looked great. It’s nice to break the rules sometimes!

Photo Credit: Nini Style

Shop an affordable pair here:

A White Trench Coat

You really can’t wear coats in warmer weather, so does that mean you can only wear your elegant white trench for two months? Absolutely not! Pair it with a black bag and bright lipstick, and you’re bound to stand out this fall and winter.

Christine Centenera, Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia 

Don’t have one? Get one!

What do you think of the no white after Labor Day rule? Is it time to move on?