Hawaii: Reasons Why Oahu Should Be on Your Bucket List

Posted June 9, 2019 by in Lifestyle

When most people think of Hawaii, pristine beaches, volcanoes, and topical scenery all come to mind. If you decide to travel to Oahu, you’ll be able to experience all these things and more during your vacation.

Oahu offers the unique opportunity to enjoy both the natural wildlife that characterizes the Hawaiian Islands, as well as cultural aspects and modern comfort and style. From snorkeling on the beaches to enjoying a traditional Luau in Oahu, your trip will be packed with meaningful moments.To help preserve your memories, it’s a good idea to have a photographer like the ones from Localgrapher; being a local, they’ll know the best places to visit regardless of the time of year you decide to take your trip.

Oahu: Star of the Hawaiian Islands

Many people who come to Oahu for vacation spend time on the beaches of Waikiki. One of the top tourist sites in the city, the beaches can be a bit crowded, but it’s the best place to get in on the action, and you’ll also be able to find numerous resorts and hotels right on the sand. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try out various water sports such as surfing, or if you’d rather kick back and relax there are plenty of sun umbrellas for a cool place to take in the scenery.

One of the most coveted places to go snorkeling close to Oahu is Hanauma Bay. The number of visitors to the bay has been restricted in order to protect the delicate corals and various species of rare tropical fish that make their home here. However, if you plan ahead, you’ll have the chance to feel like you’re swimming in a tropical aquarium; photographers in Oahu will love the spot for the chance to get some spectacular shots of the wildlife, particularly if you have underwater camera equipment.

People of all ages can find something of interest at the large Polynesian Cultural Center. You could probably spend more than a day just looking around and trying out all the different activities offered at the center. From learning about cooking methods and sampling traditional foods to participating in musical celebrations, there’s always something interesting going on, and it’s a great opportunity to learn about the Hawaiian Islands in a bit more detail.

Oahu: Star of the Hawaiian Islands

Close to Oahu you’ll find numerous outdoor adventures if you’re interested in getting out to explore the wild side of Hawaii. Waimea Falls is a good place to go with a pleasant walking trail rewarded by the spectacular sight of the waterfalls. You can make a day out of it by taking time to explore the nearby botanic gardens and make sure you bring your swimming suit to take a dip in the pool at the base of the waterfall. Besides Waimea Falls, there are other waterfalls to visit that require a bit muddier of an experience for those who aren’t afraid of getting dirty for an exploration.

Coming to Oahu is like stepping in to a tropical dream, and in fact the reality of visiting Hawaii is probably even better than any daydream or fantasy. When traveling to such a special and picturesque place, it’s a good idea to hire a photographer in Oahu who will ensure that the most important parts of your trip are preserved in a set of professional vacation photographs.

Oahu: Star of the Hawaiian Islands

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