On Our Radar: Heavenly Couture

Posted January 15, 2013 by in Shopping

Heavenly Couture is a California-based retailer who recently decided to make its products accessible to the East Coast online. Why do we love them so much? Everything is under $20; You heard right…even their jeans and shoes!

Heavenly Couture prides itself in the quality of its items, but we didn’t want to get too excited without seeing it for ourselves. We ordered two things off the site to give it a test. Needless to say…we loved it!

According to their site:

Heavenly Couture specializes in offering the highest quality in all of its selection. Heavenly Couture searches for the best quality clothes throughout Northern America and brings them to a savings of up to 85% for our customers. We buy Tens-of-Thousands of units of clothes, which enable us the ability to pass the savings directly to our customers.

We decided on this classy knit dress that sells for only $15, and a unique ring that retails for $7. Both items arrived at our doorstep in 4 days and we were all impressed with the quality. The dress was lined and the ring was sturdy.

I got compliments on the ring everywhere I went — while sitting on the F train heading to Midtown, and from the barista at my favorite Soho coffee shop.

I decided to pair the dress and ring with a simple black blazer. This dress is perfect for the days you want to look pretty and professional, but don’t want to go all out. Dress it up with sexy purple pumps or dress it down with studded white flats!

Have you ever been to a Heavenly Couture store? If so…us East Coast-ers envy you!