Online Dating Safety and Security—Tips You Need to Know

Posted July 2, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Online dating is increasingly becoming the new norm, with more than 40 million people in the United States using the internet to find their perfect matches. Though, there is always some risk when talking and deciding to meet someone you haven’t known for the first time.

Regardless of the dating website you are using, safe dating should always be your priority, and this can be achieved by following online dating safety and security tips. Below are the tips that should be followed for safely transitioning your online relationship into real life:

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Wait until you are comfortable

When scrolling through different websites, you will see profiles that say, “if you don’t want to meet, swipe left.” Though it’s important to meet the love of your life, it’s vital to take time and wait until you are comfortable with whoever you find to be perfect for you. There should be no pressure to meet someone if you are not 100 percent sure you are meeting an honest person.

Still, if you want to wait longer, there is no need to feel pressured or embarrassed because things are taking time. You can look for the best replacements for Craigslist Personals that are safer and provide better services. The right person will always give you the time you need to feel comfortable being around them.

Do a little research

When you have some stigma attached to online dating, you should never feel bad about doing a little research on social media about the person you are meeting for the first time. Ask out for social media accounts so that you can follow each other.

Find out more about their friends on social media and the kind of posts they usually post. This will give you an overview of the person you are about to meet and be in a relationship with. It will also help you spot red flags and keep you from dating a catfish.

Tell someone where you are going

When you decide to meet the person you have been dating online for some time, ensure that you tell someone about it. This could be your friend or family member. Many security services allow you to share your location with family and quickly call for help in the case of an emergency.

Be quick to suggest meeting in a place which you know well about. Avoid meeting in private rooms for the first time. Public places are the best for first-time dating, where you feel safe talking to the “perfect match.”

Block and report suspicious activities

Your safety on the online dating website is the safety of others. Whenever you notice any suspicious activity on the dating site, you should block and report the activity to the customer service representatives. They will forward your case to the relevant security teams, and action will be taken against those particular profiles. At this point, most know the appropriate questions to ask a girl. If you feel that are being asked inappropriate or probing questions, trust your instincts.

At no point should you ever connect with suspicious profiles. These are profiles with no images or no descriptions at all. Maybe, you are dealing with a fake account or an account with malicious intent. Any user who sends harassing messages to you should be reported and blocked immediately.

Do not give out personal information

Your personal information should not be shared until you get to trust the person you have found on the dating website. These include your work or home addresses, security numbers, credit card numbers, or passwords to personal files on the internet.

In case you receive a request for your login information for your dating profiles, delete it and consider reporting since online dating websites never send you an email asking for your username and password credentials without your request. In addition, make sure to read the privacy policies and terms of the apps you’re using. You can also read honest reviews and experiences of users by simply Googling about the services, try terms such as “Hinge privacy policies” or “is Ashley Madison legit”, and reading more about online dating scams to avoid falling victim to one.

Scammers on dating websites use this information to trace your identity for malicious intent. So, you should only give your information to someone you trust fully, and you can hold them accountable if they leak your details.

Stay sober

Most people like grabbing a drink on their first date, but you should take care if both of you agree to meet at a bar. Ensure that you are sober and can clearly understand what’s going on easily. You need to be able to drive yourself back home safely. Know the limits of your alcohol consumption and limit them during the first dates.

If you are in doubt, you can even suggest a coffee until you build trust in the person you are dating. If your match is hesitant with your decision and keeps pushing you to do something you don’t like, then that is a red flag you need to get out of that relationship.

Trust your instincts

Your instincts are correct if your emotions and thoughts do not influence them. Based on emotions and thoughts, they may be partially correct or wrong. With practice, you can learn how to access your intuitive experiences and identify when things are right or wrong.

Whenever you are in doubt, bow out of the deal. It can be during the date or when planning for the date. You should understand that you are not obligated to stay with someone if you feel threatened or awkward around them.  

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