Optimizing Comfort For A Great Night’s Rest

Posted July 8, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
Optimizing Comfort For A Great Night's Rest

Thanks to the growing abundance of medical information surrounding the importance of quality sleep, we are far more able to ensure our sleeping environment is as suitable as possible for a great night of rest. As more people are discovering just how crucial sleep is, more are opting for ideal sleep hygiene to take advantage of the health benefits that will improve virtually every aspect of our daily lives.

If sleep is as important to you as it should be, here are a few ways that you can improve your comfort to ensure quality sleep is always possible:

Remove Electronics From Your Sleep Environment

While a TV or a laptop should not be used in the evenings to reduce exposure to blue light that has been proven to negatively impact sleep quality, it is recommended to rather remove all electronics from your bedroom. This is because electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and even radios provide stimulating entertainment that will essentially prevent ideal sleeping conditions.

Electronic devices provide engaging entertainment that tends to contribute to insomnia and other sleep conditions. By choosing to remove electronics from your sleep environment, you will be more able to relax in the evenings.

Take Care In Selecting Sheets, Pillows, And Blankets

Sleeping on a quality memory foam mattress has been proven to optimize comfort and sleep quality, although, the type of sheets and pillows that you select are just as important for maximizing the comfort that will encourage quality sleep. Supima cotton sheets are a top-rated choice that will greatly enhance your comfort throughout the night.

As different fabrics are able to provide different levels of comfort, it is crucial to take care in selecting the most ideal fabrics that can encourage relaxation. It should never be an option to compromise on quality pillows as this would impact the likeliness of snoring and neck and back pain.

Use Aromatherapy

Commercial sleep medications can result in a list of concerning side effects, which suggests that they are often not the best solution to improving the quality of your sleep. However, there are several natural sleep aids that can effectively induce relaxation and calm that will essentially optimize comfort in the evenings. Natural sleep aids such as lavender or vanilla aromatherapy will be able to encourage sleep without raising any concerns.

Why You Should Keep Your Bedroom Dark

Our bodies produce the hormone melatonin to regulate sleep and wake cycles. As natural and artificial light will suppress the production of this hormone, it is best to keep your bedroom as dark as possible. Opting for blackout curtains is a far better option in comparison to regular curtains and avoiding the use of bedside table lamps will assist with better sleep at night.

It is crucial that your sleep environment is dark and void of any light that will, unfortunately, disrupt sleep. Blackout curtains are a great choice that will keep natural sunlight out, which will ensure that you can sleep in when necessary. 

What changes have you  made to your bedroom to better catch those zzz’s? Let us know in the comments below!