Organic Skincare: Hype or the Holy Grail of the Beauty Industry?

Posted December 17, 2021 by in Beauty
Woman Applying Face Cream

The past few years have seen aggressive growth in the usage of organic and all-natural beauty products.

This has led to an increase in the number of brands producing and selling organic skincare products to address the rising demand from consumers who are now knowledgeable about the products that are good for their skin.

Research by Nielsen states that the past four years have seen a twenty-four percent growth in annual sales of organic beauty products which is even more than the 2.7% growth witnessed in the general beauty industry.

This is expected to grow further by about ten percent in the next year. This prediction shows that the use of organic skincare products is gaining momentum across the world. Among the most popular products are body lotions and face creams.

These products are not new, but they are gaining popularity especially among young people. Even as some of them keep on debating about the benefits of these products, most of them consider them chemical-free, something that fuels their usage.

However, is this just hype or the holy grail of the beauty industry? Well, there are a number of reasons fueling the growth in the consumption of organic beauty products, key among them:

Woman Washing Her Face

Lack of Chemicals in the Products

Almost everything that we use today has chemicals. Take for instance medicines and drugs, detergents, pigments and dyes, beauty products (non-organic), textiles, or even fertilizers. They are all made using different chemicals.

These chemicals, when applied to our skin, can lead to different health complications. This is one of the things that has led to distrust among consumers when it comes to their skincare products. 

Today, a growing number of consumers are using organic skincare products such as the ones from Pevonia in order for them to avoid the health complications brought by the traditional products.

Going organic means that consumers do not have to deal with chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers that might slow their body systems down.

Eco-Friendly Products

Most consumers are beginning to be aware of products that do not hurt the environment. With so much awareness about global warming, people are choosing to live in a green environment and use eco-friendly products.

They are starting with little changes on the products that they already use, such as their skincare products.

By using organic skin care products, they are encouraging the producers of those products to produce more while at the same time discouraging the production of non-organic products. 

This helps in conserving the environment and leaves consumers with a great feeling of being part of the people fighting for the environment.

They Can Be Customized

Organic skincare products are natural products, meaning that they are not manufactured in factories. This means that consumers have a chance to deal directly with the people or companies producing the products.

With such a chance, consumers can customize the products or tweak them by mixing different products that match the tone of their skin. This is fueling the increasing consumption of these products since consumers get exactly what they want.

The Products are Handmade

If you look at any handmade product, you will realize that it offers more attention to detail as well as higher quality compared to those manufactured by machine.

It also consumes less energy to come up with handmade products since you are not using any production assembly lines.

This makes the entire process of producing organic products environmentally sustainable. In addition, most organic skincare products are produced locally. Using these products supports the work of the local community. This is contributing a lot to the rise in the consumption of organic skincare products.

Organic Products are Sustainable

The consumption of organic products powers the consumers’ social and economic development. This is important in ensuring that a healthy planet is maintained. 

For instance, using natural skincare products has a direct impact on ensuring that there is a clean supply of water, air, raw materials, and food. This helps in disease regulation of the general public.

Apart from looking for skincare products that will not affect their health, consumers are also looking for sustainable products that will aid in their efforts to contribute to social and economic growth.

In conclusion, organic skincare products are important for those people that are keen on their health. In addition, their consumption is also important in conserving a good ecosystem that has a direct impact on the lives of other people.