Organizing a Team Building Event for Your Company

Posted February 13, 2023 by in Career

When you’re running a business, making sure that your employees are supported and appreciated is key. This can help to reduce your staff turnover and build the company’s reputation as an excellent employer. Delivering great staff training and making sure that there are development opportunities within your organization is one important way of doing this, but there are other considerations to keep in mind to boost morale and teamwork.

One way to do this is by arranging an annual or bi-annual team-building day, full of fun activities that your employees can get involved with and bond over. You can hire an Eventifyuk event planner, they will organize a variety of events to include business conventions, educational conferences and more. They ensure all event details meet their client’s specifications.

Find a Suitable Venue

You could arrange to do this type of event at your offices, but it can be beneficial to take staff off site for a change of scene. This can help them detach from work mode more effectively and immerse themselves in the experience you’ve arranged for them. Therefore, the first step is to seek out some suitable options for a venue that can accommodate the kind of day you want to have. It needs to be big enough to carry out the activities you have in mind, whether this is one large event room or a few smaller spaces you can use if you’re splitting people into smaller groups throughout the day. You should also look into additional features such as catering packages, PA systems, projectors, etc., to make sure you’ll have everything you need on-site. 


Another thing to keep in mind when planning a team-building event is how your employees will get to and from the venue. Some people might be able to drive there and carpool together, but if you’re going to serve celebratory drinks at the end of the day, then arranging some transportation to get your employees home safely is a must. This is certainly essential if your teams won’t be enjoying an overnight stay as part of the event. 

Branding Opportunities

While this event is about celebrating your employees and allowing them to build stronger bonds, it can and should also be used as an opportunity to promote your brand. You can do this through your décor choices for the event, incorporating your brand logo and colors throughout the scheme. You might also want to look at having some custom games made for your teams to play, such as these custom cornhole boards. Photographs and videos of the event can also be shared on your business’s social media platforms to engage with your followers.

Scheduling the Day

Finally, think about how you’ll create a schedule for the day to keep things moving along. The last thing you need is for teams to be sitting around with nothing to do, so it’s a good idea to consider how long each activity will take and how you can move each group onto the next thing. End the day with some food and drinks so people can relax, or perhaps host a fun employee award ceremony as the final extravaganza.

If you’re thinking about planning a team-building event for your staff, use these tips to help you get started and create a fun day out for everyone.

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