Our #1 Secret for Charging Your Crystals

Posted November 26, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Our secret to charging your crystals is that there is actually NO SECRET! The fact is that crystals can be charged even with your intention and visualization! (wait till the last point) 

Crystals are delicate items, but they are magnets that carry our emotions and energy around. All of our negativity or even feelings and vibrations we don’t require the crystal absorbs. 

Over time, just like how a bucket spills when the water is full to the brim, the crystal becomes filled with energy. Cleaning and charging go hand in hand and should be done if you use any crystal, be it a crystal ring, bracelet, or even geodes.

Let’s talk a bit in depth about how to charge them in this post today:

Let Them Soak in the White Light

Let your crystals soak in the white light from the full moon. The full moon is a beacon for charging crystals most effectively, not to mention it’s such a fuss-free process. 

To charge your crystals, just place them on the ground and let them soak in the moonlight overnight. If, however, you happen to stay in an apartment, no worries, place your crystal in a glass bowl (avoid plastic) and do the same. 

Soak Them in Moon Water

If you missed your full moon day, there is no need to worry. If you happen to have moon water, you can use that to charge your crystal. Just place the crystal in a bowl of moon water. 

A word of caution is that be sure that your crystal is safe to be dipped in water.

Sound Bath 

Sound is a powerful tool and can be actually used for crystals. Simply place your crystals and use a singing bowl to cleanse the energies and charge the crystal. If you don’t have a singing bowl, play a crystal cleaning and charging music on YouTube and keep the crystals nearby, and that should do the job well. 

Use Smoke

Probably one of the oldest tricks in the book is to use smoke to cleanse the energy field. You can use incense, palo santo, or sage, and you can even use bay leaves to cleanse your crystals. There are plenty of solutions but be sure to run your crystals over the smoke for at least 2-3 minutes. 

Salt Therapy 

Sea salt is another classic way to charge crystals. Place the crystals in salt and leave it there overnight. However, be careful because salt is grainy and softer stones like calcite or opal can get damaged, so avoid this process with softer stones.

Visualize It

If you know how to visualize and practice visualization techniques, you can use that to charge up and clean your crystals. Amazing isn’t it?

Close your eyes and imagine white light filling your crystals up and the old energy getting away or dissolved. Watch the light grow in size and let it fill the complete area surrounding you and the crystals. Say a quick intention prayer like – cleanse my crystals of old energy and let the crystals now be charged to do (what’s the stone’s purpose), and that is it. Slowly open your eyes and feel the stone clear of all stagnant energies.

Crystals are powerful stones, and we need to charge them to get optimum benefits from them. There is no need to buy a sage bundle or stock up on that Himalayan salt – because cleansing and charging can be done very simply with even visualizing or the moon itself. We hope you use the above methods in your life.