Overhauling Your Apartment on a Budget: What to Prioritize

Posted July 6, 2019 by in Home
Overhauling Your Apartment on a Budget: What to Prioritize

Wanting an apartment makeover when you don’t have excessive funds can be a bit of a quandary. For a start, where do you begin? Knowing how to transform your abode when you don’t have the savings to tear out the kitchen can be quite frustrating.

However, even if you don’t have the budget of a celebrity or an older generation, there are still ways to completely overhaul how you live:

A Big Clean

Don’t underestimate the power of a deep clean. Part of your dissatisfaction with your apartment may come down to a general mess and lack of organization. Mopping floorboards, cleaning carpets and removing scuff marks from walls are all small things that can collectively have a large effect. Sorting through cabinets, book cakes, and wardrobes and chucking old and unwanted items can also open up your living space.

However, remember to look after the planet, too: take any unwanted items to a reuse and recycle center – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. 

Overhauling Your Apartment on a Budget: What to Prioritize


Of course, the walls are going to draw a lot of attention when you walk into your apartment. As well as giving them a coat of paint, adding artwork can instantly add design to your apartment. There are a few ways you could approach this:

  • Buy and frame cheap prints and designs (art wrapping-paper would do) to match with specific items of furniture. Even an inexpensive monochrome frame will look stylish.
  • Invest in some prints of artist’s work. Prints are far cheaper than the original artwork, and so it will save you a few dollars to spend on a frame.
  • Create your own: if you’re gifted enough to create beautiful artwork, why not take pride in your skill? 

Overhauling Your Apartment on a Budget: What to Prioritize

Old Furniture

Can you feel the settee springs when you sit down in front of the TV? Do you have to prop your dining table up with super glue and a napkin? There are some old pieces are furniture which shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to overhauling your apartment.

Having the scrutiny to figure out which furniture items are worth the investment can help you put your money into sensible investments. Browsing online for both variety and price can also help you stick to a budget. Companies such as Luluna specialize in a number of furniture items, so you can find a number of features to suit your apartment. 

vintage couch!


It wouldn’t be a budget overhaul article without mentioning what a fresh coat of paint can do, but what about the fabric in the room? Yes, new paint can make an apartment look good-as-new, but the fabric should be a focus, too. Washing cushions, replacing old covers, and switching up your curtains could add a superb new texture to your room. 

How to decorate your apartment on a budget

Transforming your apartment on a budget is all about strategy. Getting creative with the smaller features can give you the interior design feel of an elite designer. All it takes is a bit of research and planning.