Oversized Island Countertop: Design Ideas

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An oversized countertop is not always a bad investment. If one is well aware of creative ways to style the large counter, it can also enhance the look. Utilizing an effective mixture of expensive and simple-looking decor can create the magic that’s needed to efficiently integrate large-sized countertops.

Usually, an oversized island countertop can be used for various chores, be it a breakfast session, chopping/cooking, a coffee or study table, etc. So, it becomes essential to keep it simplistic and classy at the same time.  

Although there are various ways to redesign an island, decorating them can bring new changes now and then. So today, we have come up with a detailed guide, where we are highlighting various ways to enhance the oversized island and make it a part of the kitchen. First, however, you can  read more here to learn about kitchen countertops and countertop overhang.

7 ways to design and decorate oversized island countertop 

People are going gaga over extraordinary shapes and patterns, from oversized clothes to oversized countertops. They don’t just work as statement pieces but can potentially enhance the kitchen area. But here, the most important catch is: oversized is beneficial, but only if it works with the size of the kitchen. 

For example, if the size of the counter is between small to average, then one should purchase the oversized surface accordingly. Not all oversized pieces are perfect for all kitchen types. Therefore, it’s important to measure the kitchen size and purchase accordingly.

Below we have mentioned ways to enhance that extraordinary piece in the kitchen:

Make it a statement piece 

The aim is not to have a physical clutter but a visual work of art. Also, it’s not a motive to purchase a large and expensive island and trying to fix it. Instead, measure the kitchen and then make an eligible purchase. 

The first tip — place one thing at a time. Be it a bowl of fruits or a floral arrangement, stick to one of them and let it enhance the overall look of the space. 

And out of all the accessories, there is another piece of attraction — a vase with flowers. A round vase at the center of the island can become a focal point of the whole kitchen. Plus, if one has this much of a statement piece, nothing is required to complete such an iconic piece. 

Display basket of fruits 

As fruits are our easy-to-go snack, it’s best to keep them handy and visible to the guests and family members. Usually, we make a food purchase and later forget half of the things that were bought, just because they were not visible. In the end, we often fill up our stomach with other food items. Therefore, it’s best to put fruits together and keep them on the island. It will be handy to others and make people aware of timely purchases. 

Moreover, sometimes we experience storage issues; it’s the best idea to take a bowl and store seasonal fruits on the island. 

Decor in the cluster but avoid overcrowding the space 

It’s a popular opinion that things look better when placed in odd numbers. Well, that same goes with the kitchen too. Nestling items of different heights, shapes, and textures help break the monotony of the oversized island countertop and bring uniqueness to the kitchen. For example, if a log vase has been used, keeping two different sizes of scented candles can bring more perspective to the island. 

Use pretty kitchenware 

Whether the pieces have been purchased or gifted, we all have a few unique kitchen wares with designs. And can be used as one of the statement pieces on the oversized island countertop. As it is no less than an opportunity to display your favorite pieces, it can certainly save money from buying any expensive pieces. Moreover, this way, one can bring out those fun patterns and shapes that are only visible occasionally or at parties. 

This will also bring some quirkiness to the simple-looking kitchen and make it a fun catch-up point for a change. 

Opt for a white theme

Although people hesitate to go for all white themes, adding a white hue can enhance the kitchen and reflect a beautiful sight to the eyes. Moreover, displaying a white-colored collection of hand-blown jugs and ginger jars can instantly enhance the overall look. And whether they are similar pieces or collections of similar vessels, they can bring a strong visual impact to the kitchen.

Additional seating 

It’s a great opportunity to add additional seating and an oversized island countertop. If the main dining area is situated differently, it’s a great idea to convert the island into a table for quick snacks. 


It will be easy for the person to serve a hot meal right away out of the kitchen. And have a chit-chat session while preparing food for others. And the best way to have a seating area around the kitchen is to plan seats that perfectly fit underneath the island. This helps save extra space, makes movement easy, and allows you to tuck seats away when you are not using them, which does not clutter up the floor space. 

Add reflecting chandeliers 

This is another great tactic to consider while redecorating the oversized countertop. It will present a classy look out of the kitchen and highlight the center of the counter. Various hanging chandeliers are available with multiple sockets to apply your favorite colored LED lights. However, we recommend considering having warm tones for the kitchen. 

It all depends upon the individual on how they want their kitchen to look and in what ways they wish to utilize their oversized quartz countertop.

But it’s important to remember — it’s not always necessary to purchase expensive antiques to enhance the oversized kitchen island. Existing artifacts or kitchenware can also make a big difference. 

We hope our article is enlightening and helpful enough to guide you regarding making an oversized countertop look good and enhance the overall beauty of the kitchen. So, before making any change to your oversized quartz countertop, we recommend considering the guide given above and utilize most of it. 

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