How to Pack Clothes for Moving Quickly: 5 Useful Tips to Use

Posted February 9, 2023 by in Lifestyle
Hands putting folded jeans in a box

Moving can be stressful, and packing your clothes is one of the most challenging tasks. From ensuring that you don’t forget anything to checking that all of your items remain in excellent condition during transit, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to packing up your wardrobe.

Luckily, Beverly Hills movers have prepared these 5 tips on the best ways to pack clothes for moving. They’ll help you to have everything packed up and ready for transport in no time! Keep reading for some invaluable packing hacks that will make life easier when the big day arrives.

5 Tips to Pack Clothes When Moving

Sort It Thoroughly

One of the best packing clothes hacks for moving is to sort through all of your things. Taking the time to review each item and decide whether or not it needs to be packed, donated, sold, or tossed is essential in ensuring that only the best makes its way into your new home.

Follow through these criteria to make your sorting process much easier:

1. Seasonal clothes — sort all seasonal clothing first, as it may not be necessary to take this with you depending on the time of year.

2. Formal clothes — separate your formal attire such as suits and dresses for easy access when packing.

3. Everyday things — review each item in your garderobe and decide whether or not you need it moving forward; if yes, pack clothes in boxes for moving or suitcases carefully.

4. Shoes — always pack them into separate bags, ensuring that they remain clean during transit while also avoiding any scrapes on other things being packed away too!

5. Hanging clothes — hang up delicate garments such as dresses and coats onto hangers and place them into large plastic bags before transferring them over to a new closet space in your home.

Fold or Roll?

When packing clothes for a move, selecting the best method is key to ensuring that your things remain in excellent condition upon arrival. Folding, rolling, and more — there are a number of different ways you can pack clothes for a move. But how to choose the best for you?

In general, the best way to pack clothing for a move is either to fold or roll it. Folding allows you to keep things neat and organized, while rolling can help reduce wrinkles and save on packing space. Alternatively, if you have delicate things such as skirts and dresses, it’s best to hang them on hangers and place them into large plastic bags to prevent any damage in transit.

Choosing the Right Folding Method

It’s important to choose the proper method when packing clothes for a move. This will ensure that your items remain neat and organized, as well as prevent any creasing or damage during transport. The most popular folding methods for moving clothes include the Fold-It Flat Method, Bundle Wrapping, Packing Cubes, and the KonMari Roll.

  • The Fold-It Flat Method (also known as the “fiat fold”), is a great way to save packing space and prevent wrinkles in your clothes. This method involves folding clothes into rectangles instead of bundles to ensure that the stacks sit flat against each other and take up less room in a box or suitcase. With this method, you’ll also be able to easily store clothes such as sweaters, pants, shirts, and more in the same storage place.
  • Bundle wrapping is another great way to save on packing space when moving clothes. With this method, you simply bundle and wrap a few things together with a ribbon or piece of fabric before transferring them into boxes or suitcases. This is a great way to save on packing space, as you can fit more items into the same place.
  • Simply place folded clothes into packing cubes and then transfer them over to your new home in the same order. This helps keep your clothes neat and organized during the transition.
  • Finally, the KonMari roll is a great way to reduce wrinkles and save space when packing for a move. With KonMari roll, you just fold things into tight rectangular shapes before rolling them up and securing them with elastic bands or ribbons. This allows you to store multiple items in the same box or suitcase while ensuring that they remain wrinkle-free upon arrival.

Packing Clothes on Hangers

Now it’s time to learn how to pack hanging clothes for moving. If you’re packing items such as suits, dresses, and coats on hangers for your move, then it’s important to secure them properly. Start by wrapping each item in tissue paper or bubble wrap before placing them onto a larger garment bag or box with foam inserts to ensure that they remain safe and wrinkle-free.

Once you’ve finished hanging your clothes, make sure to label each bag and box clearly with the contents. In such a way, you will easily find everything when unpacking.

Shoes Go Separately

When it comes to packing clothes for a move, shoe pairs should always go separately. This is because they can easily get scuffed or damaged when packed with other items in the same box. It’s best to pack each shoe into an individual bag – preferably one made from cloth or canvas – and then wrap them securely using packing paper before placing them into a larger box.

For extra protection and to prevent your shoes from shifting during the move, it’s also recommended that you add packing paper around the sides of the box or suitcase. This will help keep them safe and secure while in transit.

Hands putting folded jeans into a cardboard moving box

By following these simple packing tips for moving clothes, you can ensure that your items remain organized and protected during the move. From folding or rolling to storing on hangers and using individual shoe bags, there are several ways to make sure that your clothes arrive in perfect condition. Happy packing!

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