Paycheck-To-Paycheck Luxury: The Art of Living Luxuriously for Less

Posted July 27, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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You don’t need to be rolling in the dough to live an upscale lifestyle. Whether it’s a matter of “faking it ‘til you make it” or budgeting so you can afford the nicer things in life, you too can indulge and treat yourself. 

Keep reading to learn about affordable extravagance and living luxuriously for less:

living paycheck to paycheck tips

Time To Go Shopping 

You don’t need to spend your last four paychecks in order to buy yourself a nice outfit, new jewelry, or designer kicks. Thrift shopping is the way to go.

People donate out-of-season items to thrift shops all the time. However, just because that top was in style last summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear it this year. You can find any number of items in thrift stores to put together a quality outfit. 

You can buy everything from shirts and stylish pairs of jeans to accessories like scarves, wristwatches, and fashionable shoes all for 50, 75, and even 90 percent off of the original retail price. It is a good practice to wash and disinfect any used clothes and accessories you buy. 

If you aren’t shopping in person right now, websites such as thredUP sell designer clothes online at steep discounts. 

Smell as Good as You Look

Colognes and perfumes, especially scents by designer brands, can go for $100 for just a few ounces. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t smell as good as you look. You can get the luxury Eau de Toilette Versace Eros fragrance for men for over $50 off of the original retail price. 

Self Care Is In 

Now that you have a new, high-end outfit and you smell great, let’s talk self-care. Self-care products are one of the best luxury purchases you can make. If you’re looking to freshen up your skincare routine, face masks are a great and inexpensive way to help your skin without breaking the bank. 

You can even make your own self-care products like bath bombs at the comfort of your home for cheap. 

Make a Budget 

If you truly want to live an upscale, luxurious lifestyle, the best thing you can do for yourself is make, and stick to, a budget. Start by looking at how much money you take in per month versus how much money you spend on essentials like food, gas, rent/mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc. After you find the difference between your intake and how much you spend on average, find out how much you can comfortably spend on non-essential items. 

If you find you don’t have much disposable income left over after you get paid, look to see where you can cut down on your spending. Do you eat or buy coffee outside of your house on a regular basis? If so, these are expenses you could likely trim down. 

Part of affordability luxury is spending money on things you want, not need. This also means you shouldn’t spend money you don’t have to indulge. A budget can help you realize what is and is not realistic for the lifestyle you want.

As you can see, living luxuriously for less is possible! By shopping at discount stores and thrift shops, you can get high-end and even designer items for pennies on the dollar. Your income level doesn’t mean you are restricted from an affordable, luxurious lifestyle.

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