Pest Control Service Vs. DIY Pest Control—Pros and Cons

Posted April 15, 2021 by in Lifestyle

At some point, we all face the issue of annoying pests raiding our house. A study done by National Geographic reveals, close to 500 different types of pests could be found in your home. The most common ones are ants, rodents, pests, spiders, termite, and cockroaches.  

When it comes to getting rid of the pest menace, we often debate DIY solutions or pest control services which is better? Those who know that their pest problem is not under their control should call pest control Perth right away. For those who are still debating, this article will help decide the best solution for your issues. 

Before deciding which solution would work for you, it is essential to consider the factors like the extent of the infestation, how chronic the problem is, and the cost of disinfecting the entire place. Once you know the situation, it gets easier to resolve the issue at hand. 

Off-The-Shelf DIY Pest Control: Pros and Cons 

Off-the-shelf DIY pest control kits are generally available in the nearby departmental stores. These kits have usage instructions on the cans, which makes it convenient to use them. You should know the pest in your house; this will help you choose the right treatment for the situation. 

Pros: First, they are economical and readily available at the departmental store. Second, it is a hassle-free way to get rid of pests, especially if it is a sudden outbreak of ants or flies and the problem is not chronic. Third, you can use them as frequently as you wish to. Fourth, you can try out many home remedies to get rid of the pests. 

Cons: DIY kits use harmful chemicals to give immediate results. Frequent use of these chemicals may be detrimental for pets and children. Read the instructions well before using these chemicals in your home. Secondly, since the result is temporary, you may have to extensively use many chemicals, thereby diminishing your price benefits. 

Pest Control Services: Pros and Cons 

Pest control companies will offer a permanent solution to pest control problems. They will look for the root cause and try to eliminate the concern. They will give assurances and Warranties to resolve the pest issue. If the issue is not resolved, they will visit your house at no extra cost. 

Pros: First, the solutions provided are effective and will give a permanent solution to the problem. Second, they will treat the areas where the pests originate using the least chemical to provide effective results. Third, they will keep in mind the safety of the plants, pets and children while treating. Fourth, they will advise you on other pest related issue that you could have in future. 

Cons: Initial cost of pest control service might be expensive compared to DIY kits, but it may not be wise to base the decision on price alone. You will have to factor in your family’s safety and the overall cost of repeatedly purchasing the DIY kits, as the problem might keep resurfacing.  

Off-the-shelf DIY pest control kits may be an excellent solution for temporary pest related issues. They are readily available and can be used as and when the problem arises. They are inexpensive and easy to use. However, it is vital to know the nature of your situation and treat it accordingly. Suppose you can spot the location from where the problem is originating. In that case, you might even be able to get rid of the pest problem completely. 

Pest control Services can effectively diagnose the problem, its origin and give you an effective solution by eliminating the problem’s root cause. They provide long-term solutions to your situation; they can minimise the use of chemicals and apply them to places out of reach for pets and children. They might be expensive, but the results they give are worth it.