Picture-Perfect Proposals: 6 Instagram-Worthy Engagement Ring Styles

Posted June 23, 2020 by in Lifestyle/ Shopping
different types of engagement rings

Gorgeous engagement rings deserve to be shown off, which they are. There are over 4 million Instagram posts featuring engagement rings. With so many different personalities in the world, there are plenty of engagement ring styles to match them. From classic-cuts to ornate shapes, there is an engagement ring for everyone.

If you’re looking for a picture-perfect engagement ring, we’ve got some of the best ones listed below. Let’s explore the most jaw-dropping types of engagement ring styles.

  1. Dazzling Halo Rings

There is no doubt halo rings are one of the most elegant engagement ring styles. The design made its debut nearly one hundred years ago, but it’s still popular today.

Halo rings have a classic appearance. They normally feature one large stone supported on a narrow band (the ring’s halo).

White-on-white designs are common because they make for an eye-catching piece of jewelry. However, rose gold halo rings are becoming an increasingly popular trend on Instagram.

The biggest benefit to a halo engagement ring is that it makes the center stone look huge, even if it’s not. All halo rings uphold an exquisite and dignified style, no matter the price.

Halo diamond ring

  1. Precious Pavé Rings

Pavé is French for “paved.” Pavé rings have a slightly flat surface. The rings look like they have been paved with sparkling diamonds.

Small precious metal pieces are inserted into the spaces between the diamonds to keep the stones in place. The metal is hardly visible, so the rings look like a cluster of shimmering gemstones.

Most pavé rings use a pavé band featuring small stones. The tiny diamonds accentuate the center cut, creating a glamorous ring that looks stunning in photographs.

French pavé rings use a variety of accent diamonds to maximize the light that hits the ring. The small metal creates a fishtail shape under each diamond, illuminating the ring’s sparkle.

Micro-pavé rings feature thin, delicate, and tiny diamonds. The stones create a very feminine and delicate appearance. The diamonds may be fitted around the center gem or incorporated into the band.

Pavé engagement rings are one of the oldest jewelry styles, dating back to the 1700s. However, their widespread popularity did not take off until the 20th century. 

Pavé rings are glamorous in real-life and Instagram photos. Actor Ryan Reynolds proposed to the beautiful Blake Lively with a stunning oval-shaped pink diamond ring with a rose gold pavé band.

Pavé engagement Ring

  1. Cluster Setting Rings

What shines brighter than a diamond? A cluster of diamonds! Cluster rings know how to light up an Instagram photo.

Cluster engagement rings showcase batches of gemstones tightly packed together. The clusters create a unique texture and add dimension to the ring. The rings may also feature one large diamond in the center. 

Cluster rings are easy to personalize. Many people design the clusters to create a specific shape. You can work with a jeweler one-on-one or build custom-made engagement rings online.

Cluster rings are cost-effective because they do not require a large gemstone. The small stones can also complement people with small and slender fingers.

The only downside to cluster engagement rings is the little stones are not well-protected. The diamonds have the possibility of becoming loose and falling out, so those who wear these rings need to be careful.

engagement photo with cluster diamond ring

  1. Ornate Cathedral Engagement Rings

Cathedral designs create cool engagement rings. The rings feature two graceful arches similar to a cathedral building. The metal arches keep the ring’s gemstone secure. Cathedral style rings are elegant. The added arches around the gemstone add height to the ring, making the center stone look more prominent in Instagram photos.

Classic cathedral rings have become more popular because they are timeless. The rings are gorgeous without looking overly decorative. Cathedral rings are unique, with delicate and ornate features.

The rings come in a variety of arch settings. The arches can be small and slender or long with dramatic curves. The arch width is fitted based on the size of the center stone.

Cathedral rings are ideal for those who are nervous about sporting a precious stone on their finger. The protective arch creates a sturdy setting for a large diamond with plenty of support.

different engagement ring styles

  1. Big and Beautiful Bezel Rings

While some say they are unusual engagement rings, a bezel-style ring has a contemporary aesthetic that makes for an exceptional photo. Full bezel rings encircle a gemstone with a thin metal rim. The rings keep the center stone safe and secure while creating a sleek appearance. 

Partial bezel rings leave sides of the bezel open. This allows more light to reach the diamond, creating a dazzling sparkle. Bezel rings are available in different styles, including pavé. They come in different colors, such as white, platinum, and rose gold.

Bezel engagement rings are ideal for people who live a busy and active lifestyle. The gemstone is well-protected and secure, reducing the risk of something going wrong. Athletes, construction workers, chefs, and doctors prefer bezel rings for their perfect combination of beauty and sensibility.

Bezel diamond

  1. Classic Solitaire Rings

Solitaire diamond rings are classy and timeless, making them one of the most popular Instagram engagement rings. A solitaire ring refers to the use of a single gemstone (usually a diamond) set into the band of the ring. 

Solitaire engagement rings involve a gemstone and a setting. The stones may be large or small. While diamonds are the most popular stone, solitaire rings can also feature sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

The setting for each ring varies based on personal preferences. White gold and yellow gold metals are most commonly used, but platinum settings are becoming more popular based on their elegant shine.

Solitaire rings most commonly use diamonds because they are a symbol of endless love between the bride and the groom.

Solitaire rings create exceptional photographs. They are not overly glamorous or shiny. They sparkle, dazzle, and look great on anyone’s finger.

solitaire ring

Engagement Ring Styles and More

Once you pick out the right ring, it’s time to master the perfect Instagram shot. With so many gorgeous styles available, you’re guaranteed to find a ring that radiates on your finger and in Instagram photos.

Now that you know some of the most Instagrammable engagement ring styles, it’s time to explore more lifestyle tips and tricks. Check out our website for other informative articles.