Pierce This: 3 Tasteful Types of Piercings Anyone Can Get

Posted August 3, 2020 by in Fashion
lip piercing

The discovery of what’s believed as the first body piercing dates back to the 9th Century BC. Discoverers found the oldest mummified body with a piercing around 5,000 years old. From ancient times until now, people use types of piercings for different forms of self-expression.

Piercings have health benefits that aid both men and women in different ways. In ayurvedic medicine, nose piercings ease the discomfort of monthly periods and childbirth. 

Ear piercings also help with brain development and eyesight. The act itself helps activate certain parts of the brain that promotes maturation. Some of the same praise goes to lip and nipple piercing. 

Are you in the mood for a piercing, but need something that’s tasteful and timeless? Check out these three types of piercings worth your consideration!

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  1. Some of the Most Tasteful Types of Piercings Include the Helix

I’m sure you’ve sat down next to someone and watched them sweep their hair behind their ear. That subtle, tasteful ring at the top of their ear isn’t there by accident. 

It’s a helix piercing.

Helix piercings are cartilage piercings that sit in the curve of the top of the ear. Most of the time it’s unnoticeable. When you want to make a statement, pull your hair up or back. Some people don a diamond or gold stud.  

Others like the helix–small loop—look. If you want to add a bit of style, get two piercings side by side. Add two loops to make a double helix. 


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  1. The Tragus

That little flap of cartilage that covers your ear canal isn’t just to protect your hearing. You can actually pierce it and add low-key mystery to your personality. 

It’s called the tragus and you should consider piercing it. 

To be truthful, people shy away piercing their tragus, because well, it hurts. But as the saying goes, no pain, no awesome tragus piercing.

Tragus piercings take about 90 to 120 days to heal. That’s about the same as other cartilage piercings. Don’t expect to wear an earbud or earphone in that ear during that time of healing.

Once it heals, you can tastefully dress it up with a hoop or bead. To keep it in good taste though, stick with a labret stud. It’s small but complimentary.


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  1. Navel Piercing 

The navel piercing is the best now you see it and now you don’t piercing there is. If you’d like a piercing but don’t want to wear it out every day, this is the route to go.

Navel piercings are invisible in professional work settings. That makes them ideal if deal with highly professional executives on a daily basis. 

When the weekend hits, feel free to show it off with a midriff or halter top. It’s perfect for beach attire or even shear, elegant gowns. 

Navel piercings take about nine months to fully heal, so take special care of it after you get it done. Learn more @ bodypiercejewelry.com.


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The best thing about getting pierced is that you have options. There’re different types of piercings for all personalities. Reference this guide and consider a piercing that fits you. 

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