Planning A Family Camping Trip This Summer That Won’t Break The Bank

Posted March 31, 2021 by in Lifestyle

This summer, a lot of people may be having staycations, which has its plus sides as it can be a lot cheaper. One excellent family vacation you could go on is a camping trip – this is a pretty cheap holiday and is so much fun. This can also mean you have quite a bit of flexibility with where you go – there are campsites all over the place, so you can choose wherever you deem desirable for a vacation—both near and far.

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Find The Perfect Tent 

Firstly, you need to find the perfect tent for a camping trip. Depending on how long you will be going camping and how many there are of you, tents can vary quite a bit in price. However, once you buy a tent it is yours forever, so don’t worry too much about spending the initial bit of money – this is yours for life and you can use it year in, year out. Everything you need to know about the best camping tents you can find here, so do a bit of reading from other campers on what kind of thing you should go for. 

Plan Your Transport And Activities 

When planning your camping trip, you need to think about a few things aside from the actual camping. Where will you go, how will you get there, and what will you be doing when you get there? A lot of people may opt to camp somewhere near the seaside and center their camping trips around the sea – such as going swimming or surfing. Likewise, quite a few people enjoy more mountainous regions where they can go hiking. Think about what kind of environment you’d ideally like to be in before booking your camping trip, as you want to have enough things to do to fill your day. Think about how you’ll get there – some campsites are pretty remote, so you may need to drive a long distance. Also, if you are planning a multi-center vacation, a car will be useful. 

Buy Some Great Camping Food 

Camping food can be really easy to make – just ensure you have a good stove and enough for all of you. Some good camping meals include pasta, noodles or baked beans. A lot of people don’t eat the most luxurious food when camping, but this can be part of the fun. Sometimes a campsite may have a little shop or café, which can be useful if you need to top up, but make sure you research whether this is the case beforehand. 

There is a reason behind camping being such a popular kind of vacation chosen by so many families – the idea of sleeping in a tent can be really exciting for kids and it also means you can go away with other families too. Don’t disregard camping before trying it – it may end up being your new favorite thing to do! You will also save quite a bit compared to staying in an apartment or hotel.