Planning A Road-Trip? 7 Things to Add to Your Checklist

Posted January 7, 2021 by in Lifestyle/ Traveling

Many families relish in the idea of planning an excellent family road trip as they are adventurous and filled with fanciful fun. Road trips are adventures that can be filled with fanciful fun. Most vacations can get pricey, but road trips can be made to fit any budget as there are a vast amount of road trip ideas to choose from. It ought to be noted, every excellent road trip is going to require some planning and preparation.

This involves making certain that all of the necessary items are included. There is no reason to be in the middle of a road trip only to discover, an important item is sitting at home. If you and your family are planning a road trip, you may appreciate these seven items that should be in your car before you hit the freeway. 

Preparation: Seven Checklist Items to Include

Family road trips have changed through the years. It is always a good idea to keep updated in terms of needed items. Keep in mind, the ages of any children will be a factor within the necessary item checklist. There are different variations of road trips. The goals, of most road trips, is to have an excellent time while creating memories that last for life. 

The following seven items ought to be included on your checklist:

1. All vehicle Registration Forms & Insurance 

Any insurance information and legal registration forms should be kept in a safe and secure place. You never know when you may need to show proof of ownership and insurance in this day and age. No road trip should ever begin unless the necessary car insurance is in place. 

This will offer safe travels to everyone. This will include your own picture identification. Keep all information in a large envelope and be sure to have easy access to if needed.

2. Technology and Entertainment 

Most people don’t leave home without their phones. Be sure to include charging devices. It is a good idea to keep all technology items in one secure container. These items can offer valuable entertainment options during travel time.

3. Wipes and Hand Sanitizers

Messes are bound to happen. Paper towel rolls or napkins work well too. The hand sanitizer will be great for restroom breaks and casual pit stops. Keep something, in the vehicle, for wiping up spills. 

Some road trippers even bring a bag of rags and a spray bottle on every adventure.

4. Books

Some people, those not driving, will be very pleased to sit back and enjoy reading a good book as they travel through the highways and byways. Others prefer audiobooks on their phones or other devices. 

Added customized entertainment can meet the needs of every road tripper.

5. Art Supplies

Some people need to capture their excellent road trip with a notebook and coloured pencils. This fills uptime while allowing the creative ones to go wild with art. Others prefer to have crayons and colouring books as they travel. In this modern time, there are even adult colouring books to enjoy too.

6. A Stash of Trash Bags

These will work great if someone has any motion sickness to contend with. They will be useful for bagging up any trash too. Any type of bag stashes ought to come along on every road trip because they have many uses and will tidy up any area with ease.

7. Road Trip Activity Books 

some offer many fun road games to play. They are fun for most age brackets. Many convenient stores sell them and the price is usually right for the number of fun activities that are included. The activity books are known to help parents keep their own sanity if kids are present because they offer much entertainment for long periods of time.

You are Ready to Hit the Road!

You should have the top seven items all packed and ready to hit the road for the family road trip. The only thing you need to do now is hit the road and plan on having the time of your life!

Additional Thoughts and Items

If you and yours are especially diligent about your road trip organization, you might want to pick up a small cooler. You can keep it right in your vehicle and fill it with goodies for the road. 

Many road trippers prefer non-sugar items and healthy snacks inside of their travelling cooler to ease the hunger pains as they travel. Less sugar tends to minimize rowdy behaviours. A sample of healthier items to fill your cooler include:

* tasty bananas

* crunchy trail mixes

* Dried fruit bits

Do you like taking road trips? Let us know in the comments below!