Planning Your First Trip In The Wild—Survival At Its Best

Posted April 13, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Going out in the wild is exciting, but it is risky as well. You may be there only for hiking or camping, but there will be a lot of wild animals and others may be around for shooting and hunting. It means that you are at risk of being hit by a stray bullet at all times. If you check the accident statistics, you will be surprised to know how common they are.

It is vital to plan your trip well and stay ahead with safety and survival planning. Here are some expert tips to help you plan your first trip in the wild:

Man in the wilderness hiking with a large backpack on his back.

Know the Threats

Even before you embark on a destination, you must research and get your facts right. Check the common routes, dangerous trails, and accident statistics in the area. Knowing your threats is your first step toward gearing up. If the area has high statistics of shooting accidents, don’t think twice about carrying a bulletproof vest. You can check to order one. It is an excellent investment for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the wild more than once.

Be sure to pick a vest that fits well and doesn’t weigh a lot because you will not want to compromise your mobility while hiking or trekking.

When it comes to wild animals, be sure to know which kinds will be near you. Bears, wolves, mountain lions, and snakes are the biggest animal threats when out in the wild. You should also know what types of poisonous animals and insects are around as well as what to do if you were to get bit.

Learn the Rules of the Wild

Researching your destination and knowing your threats is a good start for first-timers, but you need to do a lot more. Learning the rules of the wild is essential. First things first, your first trip in the wild shouldn’t be solo, no matter how alluring the idea sounds. Travel with a group, preferably with a guide or seasoned members who know the area well enough. Training on using maps and navigation aids is vital as it can help you find your way back if you happen to lose it in the wild.

You must also know the basic survival tactics that can keep you safe in critical situations. Get some tips from experts and read articles on the internet to brush up on your survival skills. There are also tons of free survival kindle books on Amazon you can check out anytime.

Know What to Pack

Having a pleasant and safe trip to the wild depends on gearing up properly. You must have a packing checklist because it is easy to miss out on the essentials as a beginner. Have enough warm clothing to keep you safe from hypothermia. Rain protection gear is also a must. Don’t skimp on body Armor, even if you think you wouldn’t need it unless you plan to hunt. Carry enough food and water to sustain even if you lose your way in the forest.

You must also have a first-aid kit in your backpack because it is seldom possible to get medical help in the middle of nowhere. Pack other essentials like a tool kit, mosquito repellent, torch, batteries, and matchboxes. If you plan to stay overnight, don’t forget your camping essentials. 

The idea of your first trip in the wild is thrilling, but it is vital to stay calm and level-headed. Safety should be your top priority at all times, so make conscious efforts to avoid dangerous routes and impulsive decisions when you are outdoors. 

*Photo by Kamaji Ogino