Planning Your Wedding: 5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue

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There are a number of elements, or ingredients if you will, that work together to provide you with the perfect wedding. Typically, planning takes months, if not a year or more, as there is just so much to think about, organize, and put together. If just one element is out of sync, or not right, it can throw off the entire course and/or feel of the day. Now, in terms of prioritizing your planning, the venue for the wedding reception is usually the top priority. The venue will create atmosphere, set the tone, and really project whatever it is that you want to about your special day.

If you find that you’re getting stuck on this step and having a hard time picking that perfect wedding venue, here are five things you will want to watch for that can help you to narrow down the list:

Does It Accommodate Your Numbers?

Before you pick any wedding venue, it’s important to have a guest list already planned. This allows you to have a solid answer in terms of how many people will be attending. It can also be helpful to know a breakdown of adults and kids, if you are inviting kids. Obviously, your venue needs to accommodate your guests, but at the same time you don’t want it to seem too huge with not enough guests to fill the space.

Keep in mind that some venues set guest minimums, which means you need to have a certain amount of people coming in order to book that venue.

Is There Ample Parking for Guests?

Here’s something that not every couple thinks about, when in reality, the comfort of your guest should be high on the priority list. You want to be sure that whatever venue you choose has plenty of parking for your guests, and that there is free parking. Convenient on-site parking is especially important if you have a lot of elderly guests, and families with small children. They aren’t going to want to trek far from their car to the venue.

Can You Hold the Wedding Ceremony On-Site?

This is a question that won’t apply to all couples, but if your plan is to get married and hold the reception all in one venue, then you need to ask about this up-front. Look for a wedding venue such as Ambrose West which can accommodate both the ceremony and reception all in one spot. Holding everything in one spot makes it easy and convenient for the couple, and all the guests.

Does it Reflect Your Couple Style?

Setting the atmosphere through the venue is very important, so you also want to be sure that whatever venue you choose, it reflects your own unique couple style.

Is Catering Provided?

Finally, is the food and drink, which should be a very big consideration. While some venues will require you to bring in your own caterer and licensed bartender(s), others provide it for you. Again, this is something you want to get clear from the start.

Each of these five criteria can help you to narrow down your options and find that perfect venue for your wedding.

Planning Your Wedding: 5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue

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