Pool Season: 5 Different Types of Waxing All Women Should Know

Posted August 28, 2020 by in Beauty
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The pool season is here. In some parts of the country, the season lasts well into the beginning of winter. While you may feel fit enough to wear a quality bikini for beach outings, looking good doesn’t end with having tight abs and a toned figure.

Imagine looking fit and trim but when you get to your bikini line, you have a bunch of gnarly hair. Gross!

A good and quick way to remove the hair in your bikini area is with a bikini waxing. But with all the different types of bikini waxing types, which do you choose? The choices can be daunting.

In this post, you’ll learn about different types of waxing for the bikini area. Here are the top five types of waxing for women to look great during bikini season and beyond:

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Does a Bikini Wax Hurt?

First things first. Will this hurt? You may be wondering if getting a bikini wax is painful if you’re a first-timer. Worrying about the experience is usually scarier than the actual waxing appointment experience.

Think of someone taking off a bandaid really fast. Once you feel comfortable with the woman who performs your waxing services, you’ll feel more comfortable with the entire experience.

It’s the anticipation for the first time that hurts more than the actual waxing. The first time may cause a little pain, especially if your hair is long or you’re used to shaving the area.

Shaving can make the area sensitive. It also breaks off the hair and can cause ingrown hairs, so it’s a better idea to wax instead of shave.

After the first waxing and you stop shaving and go for regular appointments once every three to four weeks, it’s a lot easier.

The good thing: waxing makes the hair grow finer and softer than shaving does. This makes the waxing process easier than it would be waxing thicker hair.

Now that you know it’s a fairly painless process, here are five different types of waxing you need to know.

  1. The Regular Bikini Wax

The regular bikini wax is the most conservative of the different types of waxing styles. It’s a good waxing style to try out if you’re a little apprehensive because it’s your first time getting a wax. 

The Regular will remove the hair from the sides of your bikini line. And a bit off the top so it doesn’t show above your bikini bottom. Everything that sticks out of your bikini will be gone. But what’s inside your bathing suit stays.

Choose this wax if you’re a first-time waxing client. Or when you just need a quick cleanup. For these reasons, the regular will be the perfect bikini wax.

You’ll look so much better laying by the pool. And you won’t have to worry about razor stubble or those unsightly bumps which are ingrown hairs and may need medical treatment.

  1. The Full Bikini Wax

The full bikini wax is similar to the regular bikini wax but it takes a little more off going a little deeper to remove your hair. The technician performing the full bikini may also wax your hair on top into the shape of a triangle.

This makes the area under your bikini feel fresh and trim, too, while still leaving some hair if you’re not into a totally bare look. This look works well for women who want to clean up the bikini area but also want a defined look deeper into your bikini line.

Want to feel clean inside and out, but not totally nude, this look’s for you.

  1. Brazilian Wax

Getting a Brazilian is one of the most popular bikini waxing styles. Here’s a Brazilian wax guide to give you a thorough understanding of the technique.

The Brazilian bikini wax removes the hair around your bikini line. It makes your skin smooth from front to back. You can go completely nude, or leave a strip or a triangle in the front. You can also shape the area into a square.

Do you wear a thong bikini to the beach? Then a Brazilian wax provides the perfect solution. You’ll be hairless, smooth, and attractive around your bikini line.

  1. The French Bikini Wax

The French bikini wax removes the majority of your hair from the front. But it will leave a small strip so you don’t feel completely nude. The French are one of the favorites among women frequenting pools and the beach.

It focuses on the front rather than the Brazilian that also removes hair from your back area. The French bikini wax makes a good choice when you prefer a smooth front with most of your hair waxed, but don’t want to wax the hair off your behind.

  1. The Hollywood Wax

Unlike a Brazilian wax that leaves you with some hair around the front, the Hollywood wax takes all your hair away. The way Marilyn Monroe would have wanted it.

The Hollywood wax is a good waxing choice for women who don’t want to see hair anywhere: in the front, in the back, or in between.

If you’ve never had a bikini wax, you might want to start with something like a Brazilian or a regular. If it’s your first you may want to ease into the experience. Or just go for it, if you think you’re brave enough and want all the hair gone!

Different Types of Waxing to Keep You Smooth and Soft Through Pool Season

Now you know the different types of waxing. These popular waxing styles will help you look sensational, clean, and smooth around and beneath your bikini area. When you’re lounging by a sparkling pool. Or you’re sunbathing on a sandy beach.

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