Powerful Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

Posted October 6, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Today on our list of superfoods is moringa.  It isn’t for no reason that moringa is called the ‘miracle tree’. It consists of vitamins A, C, E, and other nutrients like protein, zinc, etc. The products of moringa trees like flowers, leaves, bark, roots, fruit, and sap have many medicinal properties. Moreover, you can get ready-to-use moringa powder today with just a few clicks online. 

Commonly known as the ‘drumstick tree,’ moringa has many uses because of its overall health benefits. 

Why is moringa so powerful? How can you reap the benefits of moringa powder? We have covered it all in this detailed article. Read on. 

Why should you consume moringa?

Moringa is one of the top superfoods available to us naturally. It is also available in a powdered form so you can use moringa leaves powder easily. 

Here are the primary moringa powder benefits:

  1. Rich in Minerals and Vitamins

Moringa is rich in vitamins like A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and Folate. It is also rich in zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorous. With just one cup of moringa leaves, you can get 2 grams of protein, Riboflavin, iron, and vitamin A.

  1. Rich in Amino Acids

Amino acids are fundamental to protein, and moringa is rich in amino acids. 18 types of amino acids are found in this superfood, and each of these amino acids is important for our wellbeing. 

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Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

There are many health benefits of consuming moringa. Here are the top ones: 

  1. Skin Benefits of Moringa Powder

Moringa is packed with vitamins that our skin loves. It consists of vitamin A, which is necessary if you want glowing and healthy skin, and vitamin E which prevents aging by protecting the cells against oxidative stress. With an ORAC value of 157,000, moringa is an antioxidant powerhouse with six times the antioxidants of goji berries and the famous matcha.  

The benefits of moringa powder are long-term since it prevents the damage of skin cells and minimizes skin aging. As a result, with daily consumption of organic moringa powder and good lifestyle habits, you can prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and skin breakouts. 

  1. Benefits of Moringa Powder for Hair

One of the top benefits of consuming moringa powder is strong and moisturized hair. Moringa is a great source of Amino acids and Oleic acid that are necessary for keeping the hair moisturized. 

Moreover, moringa, amla, and yogurt together to prepare a hair mask can be a wonderful decision since these ingredients detoxify the scalp and nourish the overall hair to boost its growth. 

This combination also prevents dandruff and reduces itching as well as inflammation. 

  1. Moringa Benefits for Fatigue Post-HIIT

In HIIT training, we are prone to injury and pain, which results in inflammation. Inflammation is also the root cause of diseases like arthritis, cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc. And one of the benefits of moringa leaf powder is that it reduces inflammation in the body, which may be either because of HIIT or a wrong lifestyle. 

Inflammation is the common response of the body to extreme fatigue and muscle injury. But with moringa, you can build healthy muscles since it contains several times more iron than spinach. 

If you wish to reduce barre core-induced soreness, you must include moringa leaves powder in your diet. Along with including micronutrients in your diet plan, moringa powder is also equally helpful.

  1. General Wellness Benefits of Moringa Powder

Health benefits of moringa powder include stress relief and a boost in the immune system. There are many ways to boost immunity, but this natural ingredient is high in iron and also consists of beta-carotene, which is required by our body to make vitamin A, an essential nutrient for boosting immunity. Moreover, moringa leaves have adaptogenic properties, which means that they can reduce the effects of stress. They are also quite effective in keeping away cold. 

If stress is adding to fatigue, you can sprinkle moringa powder in your coffee in the morning or garnish your salads with moringa leaves.

Now that we have discussed the benefits and uses of moringa powder, you can experiment with ways to incorporate it into your diet. Based on your preferences and lifestyle, you can understand how you can benefit the most from this magical ingredient. 

Do try out some moringa recipes but make sure to consult with your doctor first if you’re under blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid medications. 

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