Price Factors for Fancy Green Diamonds and How to Determine Them

Posted July 14, 2022 by in Lifestyle
fancy green diamond ring

An attractive chunk of stone in and of itself is a diamond. When worn, it can enhance a person’s aura and draw attention to their best qualities. This is especially true when these diamonds are worn in their original tones.

The diamond’s color can enhance the wearer’s overall appearance, as well as their skin tone and eye color.This is why a fancy colored diamond has a distinct quality all its own.

These stones are made even more unique by the natural process by which they are created and acquire their distinctive colors. A fancy green diamond is among the favorites when it comes to these colored gems. 

There are only about 300 natural green diamonds in the world, making them one of the rarest jewels ever made. As a result, you can expect a green diamond pricing to fall into the pricey range. 

Keep on reading to know how a fancy green diamond price is determined by leading jewelry shops like Astteria. 

Is the cost of a fancy green diamond expensive?

Fancy colored diamonds provide remarkable attractiveness to one’s entire look, in contrast to white diamonds, which are neutral to any style.Having a fancy colored diamond in your collection is advantageous for this reason.

Fancy diamonds come in a variety of colors, and they are natural stones that underwent a certain rough process over the course of hundreds of years, adding to their brilliance.

And if you’re seeking for something incredibly unusual, a fancy green diamond can be the perfect stone for you.

The problem with any commodity is that the price would increase as the supply decreased. The same is true with natural green diamonds, which are some of the world’s most uncommon stones.

Studies indicate that there are only about 300 large, vivid diamonds of one carat, making them genuinely one in a million. It would be better to visit a museum where some 3-carat-sized vibrant green diamonds are housed if you want to see one that is a little bit larger. The Dresden Green diamond, which measures an incredible 41 carats and is one of the most well-known green diamonds ever created.

Factors Affecting Fancy Green Diamond Price

Green diamonds with natural colors and those with treated colors appear to be the same color, yet they have quite varied market values. Since natural color diamonds in any shade of green are incredibly rare and valuable, their price is a little more than that of synthetically colored diamonds.

Green synthetic diamonds are a different variety of green diamond that is also commonly available for purchase.

Synthetic diamonds are created in laboratories and can have a wide range of colors in addition to green.

When the color parameter is taken into account, the pricing gap is likewise quite wide. A fancy green diamond, for instance, costs roughly £ 40,000 per carat, whereas vivid green diamonds are extremely expensive, costing £ 245,000 per carat.

Carat weight, cut, and clarity, and color have a significant impact on a green diamond’s pricing. You may obtain a good picture of how much you should expect to pay for this colored stone by understanding what each factor represents.

Due to their extreme rarity, green diamonds are frequently far more valuable than other colored diamonds. However, knowing what factors into a green diamond’s pricing will help you choose the ideal one for you.

However, having a limited budget does not preclude you from being able to get a green diamond because  jewelry stores like Astteria offer not only varied options, but also the greatest pricing.

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