Professional Headshots: Why You Need Them for Your Resume

Posted November 7, 2019 by in Career
professional headshots

Wondering whether you should put professional headshots on your resume? Do you understand the importance of professional headshots?

If you’re thinking about including headshots on your resume, you need to make sure you do it right. Including poor quality photos on your resume is a big mistake and may significantly decrease your chances of landing a great position during your job search.

If you’ve made the decision to add photos to your resume, you need to have them professionally done. Below we’ll look at the top reasons you should consider adding professional headshots to your resume:

headshot on your cv

You’ll Stand Out From the Crowd

While there is still some debate about whether using headshots in your resume is the right choice, there’s no denying that doing so will help you stand out from the crowd. With so many resumes streaming into the office of HR employees, a resume that only includes text won’t stand out very much.

Including a professional headshot in your resume will make it more memorable to employers and hiring managers. While some traditionalists won’t approve of including a headshot on your resume, others will see as a breath of fresh air and will be much more likely to take notice of your resume as a result.

Build Your Personal Brand

These days it’s becoming increasingly important for qualified candidates to build their personal brand and a simple resume may not always cut it when applying for heavily coveted positions.

Even if you don’t get the specific position you’re applying for, better branding will help ensure that more people know who you are. It’s just one piece of the personal branding puzzle that is important for job seekers these days.

Adding a photo to your resume along, your LinkedIn profile, your website, and other places online and offline will do a great job of helping you build your personal brand.

Professionalism is Key

While many professionals claim that professional headshots shouldn’t be included on a resume, others disagree. However, if you do decide to put a headshot on your resume you need to ensure that you’re only including photos that were taken by a professional.

A great looking photo will show hiring managers see that you’re a professional and will make you seem like a serious candidate. It will also help you to think of yourself as a highly qualified candidate as well and will give you more confidence during your job search.

Visuals Are Modern

Like it or not we’re living in an increasingly visual and rapid-paced society. Even hiring managers have little patience these days and they can get bored easily.

Including a simple visual such as a headshot on a resume can make a big impact and many recruiters will take notice. They may be happy to have a break from the monotony of reading resumes that are filled up with nothing but text.

As the consumption of media, video, and online content continue to increase, more and more hiring managers may begin to grow accustomed to seeing headshots and other visuals in resumes as well.

If you want to create a resume that stands out while also looks extremely professional, then it can be a great idea to include high-quality headshots on it. By including professional headshots that put you in the best light you’ll be able to set your best foot forward and will stand out from other applicants.

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