Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency

Posted August 16, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Crypto is a new type of currency; however, people can only use it at certain places online to buy things, unlike the regular currency. Another difference is that crypto has no physical representation; it is entirely digital. It is also called a fiat currency, meaning it is not based on any physical entity.

Every single crypto consists of very complex algorithms due to which they can not be forged, and it is entirely decentralized. In recent years, cryptocurrency has seemingly blown up and hit the mainstream.

Ease in Trading

Currently, many businesses use crypto to carry out their transactions. Because crypto itself is entirely digital, decentralized, and not dependent on any country, it is safe from sudden changes in value, unlike a nation’s currency. So while doing transactions, people feel safe. Moreover, as it is entirely digital, it is impossible to steal it. The company only has to protect itself from hacking attacks, which is more straightforward than watching physical cash.

Moreover, many platforms like the website crypto exchanges run by Bitcoin prime provide an incredible platform for trading via bitcoins without any hassle. As there are no fees, delays, and foreign exchange issues that complicate trading transactions via cryptocurrency, companies are moving towards this form of trading.

Easy to Earn

As cryptocurrency is entirely digital, it is effortless to earn it; there are multiple different ways to make it, such as:

  • Mining which is using powerful computers to solve complex mathematical equations that add new coins into circulation and credits them to you.
  • Crypto trading where you exchange stocks of different types of cryptocurrencies in the same way as you would exchange stocks in the stock market.
  • Staking if you don’t have time and resources and are willing to risk some money on your luck and only want to earn a little bit passively.


Cryptocurrency provides people an outstanding level of security that is not offered by any other currency. Crypto is a fiat currency which means that it is not based on any actual physical entity and is entirely digital, meaning real-world activities can not affect its value; moreover, there is no need to have to protect your cash, and you only need to invest a little bit in cybersecurity. However, as it is entirely dependent on the faith that people have in it, a few dedicated hacking attacks can seriously damage the value of cryptocurrency.

Environmental Effects

Cryptocurrency has a very negative impact on the environment. In mining cryptocurrency, a tremendous amount of power has to be used. As the number of users in a cryptocurrency network such as bitcoin or any other grows, the complexity of the problems also increases, causing mining to take longer and become harder.

Due to this, more and more power is needed to mine the same amount of coins, so the computer must expend an insane amount of energy to mine a single bitcoin making the system very inefficient in terms of being environmentally friendly.


The cryptocurrency market is very volatile; this means that there is a possibility of very high profits, but the risk of very high losses is also substantial. An example of this is that in 2013, the worth of bitcoin jumped up exponentially. Still, in a few months, it reduced by more than 50%, which caused people to lose large sums of money, which has caused many people to be not sure of bitcoin now. Still, experts say that every industry has this phase of volatility, and cryptocurrency has mostly gotten out of it, so the market should be stable. However, people should still be a bit careful.

Cryptocurrency, like everything, has its ups and downs; however, the pros far outweigh the cons, and the most significant benefit is protection against inflation because its creators limit the maximum number of every type of cryptocurrency, so inflation cannot occur.

Cryptocurrency may have a few issues here and there. Still, as time passes, they will be fixed as the trust of people increases, and slowly but surely, crypto will become an integral part of our daily lives with us using it in our everyday transactions.

*Photos by Karolina Grabowska