Protect Your Business With These Top 6 Security Camera Systems

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American retail enterprises incur close to $60 billion a year due to shrinkage. For most of these businesses, factors such as employee theft, shoplifting, and damage to goods are the most common forms of shrinkage. The best business security cameras can act as a deterrence to such potential risks of shrinkage within your enterprise.

Are you anxious about the increasing cases of insecurity affecting the business community? One of the easiest ways to manage your enterprise’s security is to install security camera systems. Both indoor and outdoor security camera systems are vital when managing surveillance. These security camera systems can be easily installed with the expertise of

Here are the top 6 Security camera systems that any business keen on enhancing surveillance should consider.

1. Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro is among the leading business camera options for enterprises. The camera is weather-resistant and has a variety of mounting options. If you’re looking for a camera that quickly detects both sound and motion, Arlo Pro is your best bet.

The Arlo Pro 3 camera is an advanced alternative to the IP65-certified option, which is easy to mount on the shop floor. You can use this security camera system as a night watchman and a deterrent at all times. The Arlo pro-three-camera can act as part of a more extensive network of cameras in your business.

With this option, you can easily send alerts to other devices. Having a network of cameras linked to mobile devices ensures that you can monitor your business premise from anywhere and at all times. Arlo Pro 3 is a perfect choice when it comes to the management of all the happenings in your business’ outdoors.

2. The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

Could you be looking for security camera systems to enhance protection for multiple outdoor zones around your establishment?

The Netatmo smart outdoor camera is your best bet. If you consider outside security a priority for your business, then the Netatmo smart outdoor cameras will work well for you.

The best part about Netatmo cameras is they are waterproof. As such, you can install these cameras anywhere on the outdoor without worrying about the weather elements. Further, the camera doesn’t rely on night vision, given that it’s equipped with a floodlight.

The floodlight has an automatic feature that allows the system to enable or disable in response to triggers to any motion. With a Netatmo security camera system, you can now have full coverage for all the outdoors’ sensitive areas, including entrances. All you need is to source for an all-terrain tower to improve your mobile video surveillance outcomes.

3. The D Link Vigilance DCS-4605EV

Having a simple security camera system isn’t enough. You need a camera with a 360- degree coverage that monitors every part of the business premises. The D Link vigilance DCs- 4605EV can do this and much more.

A D-link vigilance DSC-4605EV has a panoramic security coverage. The camera system also can provide a 360- degrees view of the entire surrounding. Are you looking for outdoor security cameras capable of capturing everything within a 20-foot range?

The D Link vigilance camera is the right system for this job. With at least 5-megapixels and a focal length of 2.8mm, you can now capture your outdoors’ tiniest movements. The best part is that this camera can operate under almost any temperature conditions.

4. Night Owl C20X DVR Security Camera Systems

Only about 34% of property crimes ever end up in law enforcement agencies’ official occurrence book. Part of the reason is the slow process of resolving crimes in the United States. The ability to capture the events around your business at night can help you change this trajectory in case you are ever a victim.

The Night Owl C20X DVR security camera system has eight sets of cameras. You also get a plus DVR with a 1TB hard drive pre-installed in the system. The hard drive used in the system continues to record even after subsequent records, enhancing follow-up.

You can use the Night Owl system for all your indoor and outdoor surveillance, given its high resolution. The camera has a 1080p resolution camera vision.

Such capabilities enhance picture quality and human detection. These cameras have a false alert activation, which helps you navigate past false alerts.

5. Panasonic WV-S3131L

The outdoors requires a camera that ensures a high-quality night vision. A perfect example is the Panasonic WW- S3131L.

The camera has a 2.8 fixed lens that can record 1920 x 1080 pixels footage at 60 fps. If you’re looking for a security camera system with at least a 108-degree field view, then the Panasonic is your answer.

A typical Panasonic security camera system comes with a linked alarm response mechanism. Once the camera detects motion, it then triggers the alarm system in response to the intrusion.

6. ZOSI 1080P Security Camera Systems

Most security camera systems have limitations when it comes to versatility.

Are you looking for a system that encompasses surveillance networks with local storage facilities? You should consider the ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System. Businesses that settle for this option should appreciate the traditional setup that is salient in this security system.

The best part about this option is that it’s suitable for companies working on a budget. The camera can capture as much as 1080p of resolution footage at night. You can also link this camera with other Android or IOS mobile applications to improve 24-hour security.

It’s Time to Install a Security Camera Systems for Your Business

Security camera systems play a critical role in enhancing deterrence in a business. Whether the perpetrators are your employees or intruders to steal, cameras can help you detect and raise the alarm on time.

These six top outdoor security camera systems can be a perfect choice for your business. All you need is a rapid all-terrain tower to help keep your outdoor cameras in perfect position.

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