Protect Your Wardrobe with These Superior (and Affordable) Suit Hangers

Posted April 30, 2020 by in Fashion

All of us are guilty of leaving our clothes on those flimsy wire hangers the dry cleaners provide. Keeping your clothes on wire hangers lends a haphazard, messy appearance to your closet. Worse, they can damage quality clothing.

Cheap, plastic hangers last about one season (3 months). Plus, 85% of plastic hangers end up in landfills, “leaching toxins like benzene and bisphenol-A into the groundwater along the way,” said journalist Steven Kotler.

Stop buying cheap hangers every six months or so. It’s not economical, and it’s not eco-friendly. The solution is to invest in suit hangers that will not only protect your clothing but provide years of service. A heavy duty clothes rail is also a great investment.

Suit Hangers Can Support Your Budget (and Your Lifestyle)

There’s a difference in each type of clothing hanger. Each should be shaped more like you. These items should be shoulder-width with a slight forward-lean – like your body. Suit hangers are no exception. They should be well-built to last and protect what may be some of the highest-quality clothing you have.

When you consider the price you paid for your suit, the cost of a quality suit hanger is a tiny percentage of your investment. If you consider a hanger’s construction properties and durability, you’ll know you’re receiving a high ROI (return on investment).

The ABCs of the Best Suit Hangers

These suit hangers are viable contenders as budget-conscious, closet-friendly accessories. Here are some of the pros and cons:

A. AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Hangers

AmazonBasics velvet suit hangers are sensuous black. The hangers are notched at the shoulders to add slip-prevention qualities, and the slim design helps maximize closet space. They can accommodate up to 10 pounds.

The product is highly-touted by reviewers for its frustration-free packaging – no chisel, hammer, screwdriver, and hedge trimmers are required! 

Cons: Many people plain don’t like velvet.

  • As part of a suit hanger, it can fuzz onto your jacket.
  • The ribbed pants bar is somewhat lightweight and can bend.
  • Velvet is a great non-slip fabric but can pose a problem. Putting clothes on and removing them may be difficult and add friction you’d rather avoid.

B. Butler Luxury Suit Hanger

Butler Luxury’s custom suit hanger is made from German beechwood and displays a high-grade matte varnish treatment. The hangers are carved from one piece of solid wood – this means there are no “interruptions” in the design.

There are two sizes available 16- and 18-inch. The 18-inch hangers measure out closer to 18.5″. The pants bar is covered in the most exquisite velvet and sized thicker than most to leave no marks, no matter what the material. 

The shoulder bars are larger than most; this more closely replicates human shoulders. Butler Luxury clothing and suit hangers are designed to last a lifetime. A recent review from men’s magazine The Stylish Man raved that “I had no idea hangers could be aesthetically pleasing.”

Cons: The hanger is solid wood and weighs more than others (17 ounces vs. 10.5-oz. Hanger Project hangers).

  • Butler suit hangers may be too heavy to pack on air-travel trips.
  • They are hand-made, and this is reflected in each hanger’s price.

C. Container Store Superior Coat Hanger Ribbed Bar Natural

Details about the popular Container Store Superior hanger are sketchy, but the dimensions are 18″ x 1-3/4″ x 10-1/2″ and reviews are good. It can support your heavyweight jackets and suits because the natural wooden hangers are smooth and thick. Reports cite these hangers as well-made, and one customer stating it helped his 30-pound motorcycle jacket with no problem. 

Cons: The slope of the hanger is too downward.

  • Occasional “dings” in the wood may pose a snagging or bump problem.
  • Packaging could be better.
  • The hangers have a reputation for extra-sticky stickers. (You may need Goo Gone®.)
  • The pants bar is too thin and can leave that tell-tale “bar crease” in some pants.

Details Make Perfection

A quality suit hanger should do what it is designed for: properly hang jacket and trouser clothing combinations. Butler Luxury suit hangers do that with style, sophistication, and the kind of elegance reserved for beautiful pieces of wood, crafted into something extraordinary.

Does Butler Luxury provide the best wooden luxury hangers in the world? I do not know, but to me, they are certainly the best suit hangers I have come across so far.” -Raphael Snyder, Gentleman’s Gazette

About the Author: 

20 years ago Mike Cregan embarked on a mission to create a state of the art hanger. His passion drove him to open Butler Luxury, an online store featuring luxury hangers for the discerning fashion enthusiast. 

Mike’s hangers feature a highly-functional yet beautiful aesthetic, built from the finest wood products. These sturdy accessories include solutions for suits, shirts, pants, and skirts.

Butler Luxury’s hangers enjoy a high-end clientele, including top designer brands, tailoring houses on Savile Row, and 5-star hotels such as The Dorchester, Claridge’s, The Connaught, and The Savoy.

For the first time since their founding many years ago, Butler Luxury is offering their luxury hanger inventory directly to the public. Explore their collection today at