Protecting Your Home From The Worst Summer Conditions

Posted July 28, 2022 by in Home
sun shining through sheer curtain on a window

There are many ways to prepare your home for the summer period, but once that heatwave really hits, there’s a lot more you’ll need to do to protect your household! Which is why we’ve compiled the list below; protecting your home takes a bit of sweat and effort, but it’ll prevent you from feeling like you’re being baked in your own four walls. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your home from the worst of the heat. 

Open window looking out onto a balcony

Get Your AC Seen Early

If you’ve got air conditioning in your home, you’ll need to get it checked out as soon as possible. You never know when an issue may crop up during periods of no use, and the longer you leave it, the more damaged your entire system could become. It could cost thousands to get it replaced, but it’s much more affordable to pay for a repair job. Even during the summertime when demand is high, a quick fix for a compressor or filter is ten times cheaper than ripping it all out and having to start again. 

Reseal Your Windows and Close Your Curtains

Your windows can have their sealant easily peeled off by a number of things, so you’ll want to go round with a caulking gun. Make sure there are no gaps between your window and the pane it’s in, as well as between the pane and the wall. Feel for breezes all along the seal, and fill in the holes where you come across them. Do this in all rooms, and even give your exterior doorways a double check as well – they could be leaking cool air too. 

Know the Signs of Subsidence

Subsidence tends to occur during dry periods, and the summer is the driest season of them all! A lack of moisture in the soil can dry the foundation out, at which point it begins to crack, and then your house starts to slowly sink down. It’s a dangerous problem if left unchecked, so keep an eye out for signs like cracks on both sides of the walls, wallpaper coming away from the wall (and it isn’t damp), and doors becoming hard to open or close. They’re all signs your home is changing shape. 

Get Your Insulation Checked Out

Insulation isn’t just good for keeping your home warm – it keeps the cool you pump into it safe as well! And the majority of homes come with insulation packed into the walls and the attic, but be sure to double check here. The attic alone is a huge air leak during the summer; the amount of sun exposure it receives turns your house into an oven from the roof down. Call out an expert and get them to check for insulating layers to see if you could do with a bit more protection. 

Summer can get pretty bad for our homes. Make sure you’re taking these preventative steps during those clear, sunny days that are getting hotter and hotter.