Pulley Examples: How to Set up a Pulley System (That Works)

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pulley system

A pulley system can help lift various weights and items. A few pulley examples are found in common applications like sailboats, flagpoles, window blinds, fitness equipment, construction cranes, and other mechanical items.

Pulleys make a job easier. As one of the six simple machines, a pulley works through the combination and association of a grooved wheel that pivots around an axel.

With the help of a rope threaded through the grooves, a pulley can lift heavier weights will less force exerted. The more pulleys involved, the easier the project.

So how do you set up a pulley system that works? Here’s one of the easiest ways to rig a few pulley examples for an ordinary household.

Rigging Simple Pulley Examples

To rig a simple pulley, you’ll need to first secure the fixed pulley to an anchor point. This will aid in providing a sturdy base. Then select the best rope for mechanical cables rated for the weight you’re lifting.

You’ll need to make sure this rope fits the grooves on your pulley wheel. Thread the rope through the pulley and then attach the rope to the object intended on lifting.

Simple pulley systems don’t reduce the force needed to lift the object, but it does give you the ability to apply force in a different direction.

It will require the same amount of force as the weight of the object to move it. These are commonly seen in a weight pulley system of plate loaded fitness machines. It does, however, move the weight in a convenient downward or lateral direction.

Compound Pulley System

A compound pulley system will reduce the weight needed to move an object.

This system, in its simplest form, is described as a double pulley system with one fixed pulley anchored overhead and another attached to the load moving it up as needed.

Start the process by attaching the fixed pulley to the overhead anchor point.

Once these points are sturdy, the rope that you ran through like above will be run through the bottom of the upper pulley and through the wheel of the lower pulley. Loop the rope through the fixed pulley again and then attach the rope to your desired object.

By applying the same downward or lateral pressure, the item will be easier to lift than a simple pulley or without the system at all.

Create an Easier Load

By using these pulley examples, projects that were otherwise impossible to manage will seem much easier. Pulleys have been used for centuries on various projects. Whether it’s big or small, complex or simple, a pulley system or double pulley system can help.

Make sure you’re on the right path for your weight pulley system. The same can be said for any other project you’re interested in.

drawing of a pulley system

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