Push up Bras Vs. Plunge Bras—which One Should You Wear?

Posted February 1, 2021 by in Fashion

Choosing between a push bra and a plunge bra can be difficult. If you have both in your lingerie drawer but don’t know when to wear each one, don’t worry. In this article, we’re going to go over the differences between push up bras and plunge bras as well as the pros and cons of each.

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What Is the Difference Between a Plunge Bra and a Push up Bra?

A push bra is not the same as a plunge bra. The difference is that a push up bra comes with padding to lift the breasts, whereas most of the plunge bras on the market have little to no padding. However both bras have closely fitting wires, which bring the breast toward the center of the chest resulting in a perkier cleavage.

A plunge bra is different from a push up bra but both bras result in a perkier cleavage. Perfect for your favorite low-cut Little Black Dress.

What’s a Push Up Bra?

The name itself says push up, which means it naturally pushes the breasts together and gives some lift and enhances your cleavage. This bra pushes your breasts upwards and closer together to naturally flaunt your cleavage. The padding on the inside of the cups is made of foam to lift the breast tissue and make you look fuller.

Push up bras are a good option for women with small breasts who are looking to enhance their bust and create a perkier cleavage.

There are three levels in push up bras:

  1. Level-1: The level 1 offers a gentle lift to the bust thus giving your breasts a natural lift effect. This is for women who already have full breasts.
  1. Level-2: The level 2 type offers your breasts a slightly more visible lift and better grip. The padding in both of these bras finishes just below the nipple. This is ideal for women who have gaps between the breasts. This level gives better cleavage and a natural lift effect.
  1. Level-3: The level 3 type is meant for women with small busts who want to get better cleavage. These bras add 2 cup sizes to your breasts giving you a fuller/larger cup look.

Types of push up bras:

Depending on the need, push up bras come in different styles, too:

  1. Plunge push up bra
  2. Strapless push-up bra
  3. Seamless push-up bra
  4. Demi cup push-up bra


  1. Push-up bras provide more support, security, and comfort than regular bras. 
  1. Push up bra offers added padding and lining that help breasts of any size feel more supported and secured all day long.
  1. This extra padding adds comfort for the wearer.
  1. Push-up bra will make you look stunning and perfect by defining your breasts.
  1. They are comfortable and  give a natural lift and rounder look to your breasts.
  1. Push-up bra shapes and holds cleavage properly.
Woman wearing a floral push up bra.

What’s a Plunge Bra?

Now let’s dive into plunge bras. A plunge bra has a deep v-neckline and a flattering cut that perfectly fits your curves. This type of bra is just perfect to wear with low-cut dresses, deep V-neckline tops. Besides, it also flatters your assets most gorgeously by enhancing your breast shape and offering a perkier cleavage. So that’s a bonus, yay!

Most lingerie utilize a plunge shape as it’s seemed more sensual and sexy by many. To find the best plunge lingerie, browse Wild Crush Erotic Lingerie to find the right one for you.


  1. Plunge bras provide ample support, even for those who are blessed with bigger busts.
  1. Plunge bras provide gentle lift and make a V shape which gives you a perkier cleavage.
  1. The angled cups and lower center gore makes this bra super eye catchy, practical and functional at the same time. Plunge bras disappear under lower cut dresses and plunging dresses and tops as it has a low neckline which means a-bra-cada-bra no more peek-a-boo moments.
  1. Plunge bras create a perkier cleavage in a natural way, so no extra padding to lift your breasts.

Expert tip: If you have a small frame and your busts sit closely together, a plunge bra will give you the perfect positioning and support that you need.

Woman wearing a black plunge bra.

Now you know enough information regarding plunge vs. push up bras. Wear these bras accordingly and rock all your gorgeous outfits without worrying about peek-a-boo moments caused by your bra. But make sure to measure yourself properly before purchasing the best wireless push up bra. Buying the wrong size can cause pain and discomfort. Moreover, this information will help choose the best sports bra for your treadmill workouts during pregnancy.