Putting New Construction Windows in an Existing Home

Posted April 21, 2022 by in Home
New Construction Windows in an Existing Home

When purchasing windows for your house, you have two options: replacement windows or new construction windows. Except in a few scarce circumstances, these two types of windows are not compatible. If you’re building a new window frame or updating an old one, the decision is simple: go with new-construction windows. Typically, the new residential construction creates a new opportunity for developers to boost various amenities for residents And more security than other kinds of properties.

Not all windows are the same. The windows of your new home show off your sense of style and luxury. They’re also the primary source of good natural light, good for you. People who dream of their new home and people who design it should think about their windows. If you want to add new windows to your home, do some research first to know what to do and how to do it properly. 

new construction window in dining room

Steps to install new-construction windows

  1. It’s essential to research the local building regulations and whether you need to request building permission to carry out the window installation.
  2. Next, where your house does you want to add windows, and what type of windows do you want to add. You need to check where the window will be placed to see if it interferes with electrical wiring or plumbing.
  3. Finally, you need to have the suitable materials to start the project and the appropriate tools. Some materials include: interior and exterior window casing, shims, and drip caught flashing. If you plan to do this yourself as a DIY project, you can hire the tools rather than buy them. You will need: a tape measure, stapler, level caulking gun, hammer, saw, stud finder, carpenter’s square, razor knife, and drill with a screwdriver bit. If you constructing a window in a higher portion of your home, you may need to find a reliable mobile scaffold hire to make your job easier. 

When to Use New-Construction Windows

Typically, new-construction windows are intended for use in houses that have no existing trim or siding. New-construction windows should be used when the wall system is being built from the ground up or when the wall system is being renovated. When to use new-construction windows if:

  • a new home
  • an addition
  • a badly damaged wall that requires plenty of fixing.
  • due to the wall being re-built

Building a new home requires new construction windows. No need for replacement windows since none are being replaced. A new window is more solid and provides superior weather protection than a replacement window. Even if the exterior window trim is removed, new-construction windows are still the superior alternative.

Installation of new-construction windows

The installation of new-construction windows is usually done by professionals when a home is being built or added to a home. The information below will show you what steps a professional would take. If you need a reputable window company for any job, contact us at American Pacific Windows and Construction Inc. They will give you professional, honest advice. Their experienced contractors can carry out anything you need at competitive prices.

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