Qualities Every Woman Should Value. Hint: It Isn’t Just Looks!

Posted March 20, 2017 by in Lifestyle

Everyone likes to look nice because we feel good when we look our best. But, we can sometimes put too much emphasis on our appearance and forget about more important features. And, there are far more important qualities, unless you’re reading this on a Friday night and your hair’s a mess! A centred, holistic life is about honing as many skills as possible to create to take our existence to the next level. Here are a few of the virtues which I believe will help achieve this target.


Men feel as if they have it hard, but they have never been a woman! Sure, some people don’t have an easy life, yet they don’t have to deal with the pressure to look good and be successful. We females have to deal with anything an average person has to, and then we get the societal pressure thrown on top. From time to time, it is easy to let everything get under our skin so that life seems harsh. The trick to stopping this is perspective. Sit down, relieve your thoughts, and ask a few simple questions like ‘what does this mean?’ and ‘is that a bad thing?’ The answers should stop anyone from having a full blown mid-life crisis!


There isn’t a person on the planet that wants to be stupid. Still, many people don’t attempt to enhance their IQ levels, either. And, it is a stupid decision when we stop to consider the consequences. Knowledge is essential as it is the means to add value to our lives. An associate’s degree online isn’t just a qualification for a resume – it’s a criterion that helps women take the next step in their careers. Intelligence is also pivotal to keep perspective (see how they link?). Without the ability to read between the lines, it is impossible to answer life’s questions and come to an informed decision. Francis Bacon was right: knowledge is power.


Passion is a feeling that gives value to everything. It doesn’t matter if a person is washing the dishes or attempting to understand black holes – passion is the key. With the right level of it, there is nothing that we can’t achieve as a society as it drives us to greatness. The feeling of emotion and power is also invigorating. Most importantly, however, it is what fuels our enjoyment. When we are passionate about life in general, we enjoy life so much more. The same goes for work, relationships, and the other core aspects of life. Or, what we perceive to be the core aspects (*see subparagraph perspective).


If passion fuels our drive, humor keeps us awake behind the wheel. In simple terms, life is too short not to laugh. Anyway, laughing is good for the body and soul because it releases endorphins which affect our mood. It is amazing how much better life becomes when humor is at its core because life is three dimensional. Everything has a hidden meaning when we see the funny side. Even better, it is a trait we can find in other people, so it’s possible to surround ourselves with laughter.

Is it me or does nothing sound better?